Strange Reactions and MoodsMature

Dawn eyes widened slightly he hadn’t even seen Gabriel draw his blade. Sylver swore loudly as Gabriel lowered his sword.

“What are you doing here?” Gabriel growled.

“Your note” Sylver said looking at Marcus. Gabriel checked the corridor outside the room before he closed and locked the door. “It said to come here as soon as I could.” Sylver sat down on the couch.

“But the thing you were doing?” Dawn said.

“The renewal?” Sylver smiled Dawn nodded. “We weren’t getting anywhere” Sylver sighed. “Then I felt you three come in leave Marcus behind then Marcus left soon after you did. I left Val in charge and came here.”

“It’s not working?” Gabriel frowned.

“No” Sylver said “it seems the magick is being drained somehow”

“Is that even possible?” Gabriel frowned.

“Obviously” Sylver said smiling at him “but I have no idea how someone would go about doing it”

“Nor me” Gabriel grumbled.

“So what happened in the reservoir?” he saw Dawn and his brother shiver slightly.

“Didn’t Marcus tell you in his letter?” Gabriel asked.

“I think so” Sylver laughed slightly and looked at Marcus. “Even if you are in a hurry you should try and make your writing more legible.” Marcus turned a deep red.

“Sorry sire” he mumbled.

“That’s why I came here better to get the tale from the tellers wouldn’t you say?” Sylver said.

“I don’t believe I'm related to you” Gabriel said “I don’t understand a word you say most of the time.”


Sylver stayed silent through the telling of events, nodding when Gabriel paused and only frowning when Gabriel stopped to light a cigarette.

“We barred the door” Gabriel finished.

“Okay” Sylver said slowly. “Well I suggest that now we all have clearer heads and a vaguely knowledgeable magick user that we go back down”

“Are you insane?” Dawn said then he bit his lip. “Sire” he added. Gabriel stared at him for a moment then snorted with laughter.

“He’s not” he said grinning evilly “but I am”

“Do you agree that we check again?” Sylver asked smiling.

“I must be insane because I do agree” Gabriel said all traces of humour gone again. Sylver sniffed and turned to Dawn.

“My brother is correct” he said perfectly straight faced “I'm not crazy but I may have a little inherited lunacy from him.” he nodded at Gabriel. “And please use my name especially when your mouth decides to run away with you.”

“Sorry Sylver” Dawn muttered.

“That’s okay Dawn” Sylver smiled. “I like people who say what they think but you should try and curb your insults if you get this position on a permanent basis.” Dawn smiled and he nodded.

“If I had my way he would have the job on a permanent basis.” Gabriel grumbled.

“If you had your way you wouldn’t even be here” Sylver said to his brother.

“Why not sire?” Dawn frowned.

“I dream of bigger and better” Gabriel said.

“Bigger and better than being a prince?” Dawn asked confused.

“Bigger and better is not the same in everyone’s eyes” Sylver said smiling sadly.

Dawn watched Gabriel shut down he saw the spark leave the princes eyes the vibrant blue becoming dull and lifeless.

“Sire?” Dawn frowned. Gabriel looked at him and Dawn felt a shiver run through him and not a pleasant one.

“Gabriel stop it” Sylver said

“Stop what?” Gabriel asked even his voice was toneless and unemotional.

“Go to bed” Sylver snapped and Dawn and Marcus started slightly Sylver wasn’t usually one to shout.

“Am I still sleeping here?” Marcus asked.

“I think because we won’t be stopping for long we should all stay up here.” Sylver said “also if there is an element of danger the rest of the palace will be just about empty by now and we will be safer together.” Sylver said. He turned to see Gabriel walking into the bedroom. 

“Sire?” Dawn called he stood up to follow and Sylver put out a hand to stop him.
“Dawn” Sylver said “when he's like this you'll do well to learn to leave him to it”

“Why did he go like that?” Dawn asked Sylver sighed.

“It seems as though he's shut down” he said slowly “but in this mood Gabriel is dangerous” Dawn nodded.

“Is he safe to be around?”

“If you don’t annoy him” Sylver said.

“Sire, are you okay?” Marcus asked.

“I'm fine” Sylver said “just a little drained. You have a double bed do you not Dawn?” he asked tuning to the tall angel.

“Yes sire” Dawn nodded “but I've let Marcus have my room.”

“Very well then Marcus will share with me and you can sleep in with his highness.”

“But…” Dawn said his eyes widening.

“You have to get used to his tempers and moods if you want this job.” Sylver said.

“Okay” Dawn said quietly he steeled himself as Sylver opened the bedroom door.

The End

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