Bad Memories and Sounds in the DarkMature

The reservoir was almost pitch black, a single light shaft let a weak light down from somewhere above. Instinctively Dawn moved closer to Gabriel his heavy sword risen in the guard position.

“there should be over fifty people down here” Gabriel said slowly he frowned and stepped forward, quickly he leapt back again almost knocking Dawn over, as something tried to suck his boot down. He knelt carefully and touched the slimy, cold floor. “Silt” he said simply “we should be waist deep in water.”

“Sire” Marcus’ voice cut through the silence and Dawn felt his adrenaline start to pump through him as he watched Gabriel's head snap up then his prince stood and quickly and carefully moved to Marcus’ silhouette nearby. He was crouched over something and as Gabriel drew nearer with Dawn following closely behind, he saw the outline of a body partially sucked down into the mud and grime that was all that was left of the reservoir.

“What on earth?” Gabriel frowned he knelt again and touched his fingers to the half submerged figures face, it was soft and cold.

“Sire?” Dawn said, he was standing behind them his eyes scanning the darkness around them.

“Yes Dawn?” Gabriel stood slowly he could feel the large angels tension and stress.

“Can you hear anything?” Dawn was whispering again, Gabriel listened for a moment.

“No” but even as he spoke he heard an almost indistinct sound like a low popping, cracking sound. Gabriel grabbed Marcus by the collar lifting him to his feet. Gabriel frowned as he heard a low shuffling sound from nearby.

“Hello?” Dawn called the reply was silence the shuffling had stopped.

“Gabriel?” Marcus said quietly “I can give us a small light” Gabriel nodded and Marcus used his magick to light his palm. In the darkness the light was feeble and barely made a difference. They looked around the edges of the reservoir but they couldn’t see anything Gabriel felt his skin turn cold as a low rattling sound met them.

“Go” he whispered.

“Sire?” Dawn asked.

“Go” Gabriel grabbed Marcus their light going out and pushed him towards the exit.

Gabriel took the stairs two at a time Dawn pushed Marcus forward behind him.

They stopped almost halfway up the long stairway. Gabriel put his hands on his knees breathing hard.

“Sire?” Dawn asked panting. “Are you okay?” Gabriel nodded.

“What did we run from?” Marcus asked as he sat down on one of the steps.

“Not sure yet” Gabriel said he was pale and Dawn saw his skin shine slightly in the meagre light bouncing of the light sheet of sweat that covered him.

“Then why did we run?” Marcus asked.

“Because bad memories always lead to fears” Gabriel said “and fears keep you alive.” He sat one step lower then Marcus and watched Dawn as the tall angel looked back down the tunnel almost expecting something to be following them. Something had scared his prince and in Dawn's mind he didn’t think that Gabriel scared easily. 

The End

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