In the DarkMature

The reservoir was below the dungeons and as they descended hundreds of steps down a dimly lit stairway Dawn noticed his breath coming out in small puffs of white. Ahead of him he could see Gabriel's head bent down to watch his own feet on the stairs, Dawn watched beads of sweat still running down the prince’s neck and what was visible of the angel’s shoulders outside his shirt.

“Dawn, stop it” Gabriel growled suddenly.

“Stop what sire?” Dawn asked surprised.

“Stop staring at me” Gabriel said Dawn shivered slightly.

“Sorry sire” Dawn said, behind him he heard Marcus snigger and a well aimed slap landed on Marcus’ arm.

“Ow” Marcus tried to hit the back of Dawn's head and almost tripped as the angel ducked. Gabriel stopped turning to look at them.

“Will you two stop acting like children?” he snapped.

“Sorry sire” both of them said together. Gabriel looked at both of them a minute longer then turned and carried on down the stairs.


Dawn swallowed and his hand tightened on his sword hilt as the stairway began to twist and turn, slowly growing darker as they walked.

“This isn’t right” Gabriel frowned he stopped and Dawn almost collided with him.

“What’s not right?” Dawn asked.

“There’s usually lights down here.” Gabriel said “magick lights.”

“Where are they?” Marcus asked Gabriel shrugged he looked up and reached into a small nook in the, now rough stone, wall. He pulled out a flattish stone.

“No ones been here for around three days” Gabriel said feeling the slight warmth in the stone as the remaining magick tried to do its job.

“What do we do?” Dawn asked quietly feeling the sudden need to whisper.

“Now,” Gabriel was whispering too “now we are the scout party”

“Sire?” Dawn asked.

“We go, we look, we get out” Gabriel said simply. He tucked the stone back into its space in the wall and turned to Dawn.

“Yes sire” Dawn nodded Gabriel nodded too.

“Marcus?” Gabriel said quietly.

“Yes sire.” Marcus said his voice trembled slightly.

“If you want to go back go now” Gabriel said.

“I’ll be fine” Marcus said Dawn saw Gabriel's blue eyes flash as he looked back to him again.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said.

“Me too” Dawn said.

“Okay” Gabriel turned and drew his sword behind him Dawn waited until the prince had gone a few steps and drew his own then he followed. Marcus didn’t draw his sword but pulled the small silver dagger from his belt.


Gabriel struggled to see as the stairwell levelled out into a thin, winding tunnel.

“I hate this place.” Dawn heard Gabriel mutter he laid his hand on Gabriel's shoulder squeezing lightly and he only just saw Gabriel turn in the darkness and imagined he saw the prince smile. The hand that rested on his own for a moment definitely was not Dawn's imagination.

The End

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