Swords and Silly QuestionsMature

Dawn, Marcus and Gabriel walked together down to the armoury. Marcus saw that Harold was nowhere to be seen, instead a young looking angel was seen flitting between the racks of weapons.

“Eugene” Gabriel called Dawn saw him grimace as a loud crash met their ears.

“Yes sire?” the small and flustered looking angel hurried up to them.

“Where is Harold?” Gabriel questioned.

“His day off sire.”Eugenesaid Gabriel frowned.

“I’ll do it then”Eugenenodded and scurried back to his work picking up the fallen weapon rack on the way.

“I'm afraid we’ll have to do this the old way” Gabriel said apologetically to Dawn.

“Sire?” Dawn frowned as Gabriel moved to a door on the left of Harold office door.

“I don’t know how to add the measurements up” Gabriel said pushing the door open “I haven’t learnt that yet.” Dawn and Marcus followed Gabriel into a large room lined with racks of swords. “How tall are you Dawn?” Gabriel asked looking up at the angel.

“Around 6 foot 2 sire.” Dawn said quietly. Gabriel nodded and moved across the room to a single rack of swords Dawn followed slowly and he saw the handles were a deep blue. Looking around he saw all of the swords in the room were grouped in colours.

“Try them out” Gabriel smiled “find one that fits.” He moved away from Dawn.

“And you?”

“Me?” Marcus asked.

“No the person behind you” Gabriel said convincingly enough that Marcus almost turned around.

“I'm five, eight sire” Marcus said with an embarrassed smile. Gabriel pointed to a rack a little way from them with yellow handles then he walked near to Dawn and pulled a small stool from behind one of the racks and sat down. His hand automatically pressed down on the hilt of his own sword lifting the tip of it clear of the dusty floor.


It was almost half an hour before Dawn had picked his blade.

“Are you sure?” Gabriel asked standing up and wincing at the cramp in his legs.

“I’d rather not keep you any more sire.” Dawn said Gabriel smiled.

“I’d rather you picked a sword that fit you then rush and get yourself killed.” Gabriel retorted he held is hand out and Dawn passed the handle of the sword to him.

Gabriel internally recoiled at the weight of Dawn's choice as it tugged uncomfortably at his wrist, the length wasn’t right either.

He used one hand to balance it on the first two fingers of his other hand around an inch from the hilt. The blade tipped slightly towards the floor and Gabriel sniffed.

“Its not quite balanced but probably the best you'll get in here.” Gabriel twisted around in his hands and passed the handle back to Dawn. The angel smiled and took it gently lifting the blade from Gabriel's flat palms. “Marcus?” Gabriel said still looking at Dawn then he moved away quickly. Marcus had two swords pulled from the rack.

“That one” Gabriel pointed to the blade that was the least battle scarred. “We need a decent sword smith here again” Gabriel sighed moving to the door and back out into the main armoury again, with Dawn and Marcus following.


A row of hooks lined the wall on the other side of Harold's office door. Tatty scabbards and belts hung from them.
“Are these used for the armies sire?” Dawn asked. He didn’t believe for a moment that Gabriel would even let the trainees use these unless absolutely necessary. To prove a point Gabriel looked at him as if he'd grown another head.

“What?” he said “all soldiers and guards have their own personal weapons” Gabriel growled he watched Dawn pull a belt around his waist and just manage to do it up. “You two will at some point but these are just a precaution.” Gabriel watched Marcus slip the iron dagger from his belt into the edge of his boot and then slid the sword into the leather loop.

“Sorry sire” Dawn said Gabriel looked for a moment longer and Dawn was the first to look away from the cold eyes.

“That’s okay” Gabriel said “all set?” he asked and Dawn and Marcus nodded.

The End

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