Injuries and SecrecyMature

Marcus waited patiently for Gabriel to answer his door he didn’t expect Dawn to pull it open and let him in.

“About time” Gabriel grumbled.

“I got lost” Marcus said embarrassedly.

“Fair enough.” Gabriel shrugged standing up from his seat on the couch. Marcus saw the grey tinge to his face seemed to have spread down his neck. “I bet Sylver showed you the ‘quick route’ didn’t he?”

“Yes sire” Marcus nodded “I took the wrong stairway.” Gabriel nodded and as he looked at Marcus he noticed something white laying on the floor by the door. Bending down he picked the note up and to Dawn's surprise the little slip of paper was pushed into his hands.

“What does it say?” Gabriel asked not looking at the other two angels. Dawn looked down at the neat writing.

“It says; your clothes are ready but there was no answer when I knocked.” Dawn read. Gabriel looked at Marcus.

“Was there anything outside when you knocked?”

“I don’t know sire” Marcus frowned trying to remember. Gabriel sighed and walked to the door pulling it open he looked at the message hole in the wall opposite the door and sure enough a parcel wrapped in brown paper sat there he lifted it by the thin white string that held it together and pulled it inside. Dawn almost dropped the package as Gabriel thrust it into his hands.

“I need to get changed if we’re going out.” Gabriel said he walked into the bedroom quickly followed by Dawn who wanted to get out of his mud streaked clothes and into something clean. He went into his small room smiling at Gabriel as he passed and pushed the door almost shut.


Gabriel stripped completely wishing silently that he could have had a bath or even a wash before he pulled on a pair of black cotton trousers and then began searching in his wardrobe.


Dawn dressed quickly in the clean faintly soap smelling clothes just a plain pair of black trousers and a simple white shirt. Then he pulled his door open a little peering out not wanting to walk in on the prince getting changed. He saw a pure white pair of wings and the silver braid hanging down between them as the prince searched his wardrobe.


Finding what he was looking for Gabriel turned to one side closing the wardrobe doors. Dawn frowned as he saw an angry red wound on the angel’s side. Gabriel spread his wings slightly pulling on a sleeveless, tight t-shirt and as he moved Dawn saw more wounds curling around to the princes back. Dawn watched the angel strap a sword to his belt before opening the door all the way.


Gabriel looked up and smiled as he saw Dawn emerging from his room.

“Do you have any weapons Dawn?” Gabriel asked checking that his sword was hanging correctly at his side.

“I have a dagger sire.” Dawn said lifting the edge of his shirt to show the small blade tucked into his waistband.

“A sword?” Gabriel specified Dawn shook his head. “Can you use one?”

“I know the basics sire.” Dawn said.

“Okay” Gabriel smiled “we can get you measured up on the way.”


The End

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