An Excess of Heat and Lack of WaterMature

Gabriel threw back the thin bedcovers his body dripping with sweat he couldn’t cool down let alone get some sleep. Instead he climbed out of the bed and walked to the small sink, in the little kitchen area that had caused many an argument with his mother when he'd asked for it.

He turned the single tap and a splash of brown water guttered out before it stopped completely. Gabriel swore loudly then turned the tap back to the off position.


From somewhere below he could feel the magick level rising bringing even more sticky heat with it. Gabriel sighed the renewal ceremony had started, he growled quietly to himself knowing that Marcus would be back soon.

“Sire?” a quiet voice said Gabriel jumped then he saw Dawn peering out of his bedroom door. “Is everything okay?” Gabriel nodded Dawn frowned as he saw the beads of sweat running down the angels face and neck soaking the collar of the thin t-shirt the prince was wearing.

“I'm fine” Gabriel said running his hands over his damp hair and grimacing. “Go back to bed.”

“No point” Dawn said steeping out of his small room and into Gabriel's.

“No?” Gabriel asked.

“I can’t sleep” Dawn sighed he saw the prince pull a brush from his bedside table and start to pull it through his hair.

“Why do you grow it so long?” Dawn asked, Gabriel shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t really know” Gabriel said winning against the knots he put the brush down and started to separate it up and pull it into his usual long braid. “When its short it annoys me” he said he looked up at Dawn as he tied the leather strip around the end of it. He sniffed slightly as Dawn watched him. “Are you just going to stand there?”

“Well” Dawn said slowly “I don’t really know what else to do with myself.” He said honestly he saw a flash of a small smile touch the corners of Gabriel's mouth.

“I've got to wait for Marcus and then I have to go and check the work in the reservoir. The waters gone off” Gabriel said flicking his braid behind his shoulders.

“And in the meantime?” Dawn asked.

“In the meantime” Gabriel said smiling properly. “Chess?” he suggested, Dawn grinned.  

The End

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