Problems Are Just BeginningMature

Gabriel smiled slightly as he moved away from the door and saw Dawn looking at him.

“Are you alright?” Dawn asked Gabriel nodded and Dawn saw his eyes slide out of focus for a moment then the prince shook his head as if to clear it and walked through the third door leading out of the living room. Dawn stayed where he was unsure what to do with himself.

“Are you coming or not?” Gabriel shouted from the next room. Quickly Dawn scurried into the prince’s bedroom to see him standing by yet another door. “this is your room” Gabriel said Dawn moved past the large neatly made four poster bed that was obviously the princes and went to stand next to Gabriel.

The room was small but comfortable a made up double bed took most of the room up, a chest of drawers tucked in beside it and a small writing desk complete with chair sat at the end of the bed by the small window.

“Thank you” he said he'd never had a room to himself before, no matter how often he'd asked for one.

“You’re welcome.” Gabriel frowned slightly the dark haired angel seemed genuinely happy with the tiny room.

“Where will Marcus sleep sire?” Dawn asked after a few moments looking into the room.

“On the floor in my room.” Gabriel sighed, Dawn thought about this for a moment.

“Sire?” he said he turned slowly away from the small room to see Gabriel sitting on his bed and untying the strip of leather from the end of his braid.

“Yes?” Gabriel said.

“I don’t mind if he takes this room.”

“You don’t like it?” Gabriel wasn’t surprised it was a tiny room.

“It’s not that” Dawn said “it’s more the fact that I've never had anything to give before and I also think that as your man at arms I shouldn’t let a stranger sleep in with you.” Gabriel looked at him for a moment then he snorted with laughter.

“Very true Dawn” he said “but surely that means that you can not sleep in here with me either.” Gabriel shook his hair out and Dawn felt his heart skip. “Problem?” Gabriel asked as he saw Dawn staring at him.

“No sire” Dawn shook his head. “I'm going to lie down for an hour if that’s okay” Gabriel nodded.

“I'm doing the same” the prince yawned “but tomorrow your training starts.” Dawn nodded.


The End

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