Politics and Points of ViewMature

Sylver sat back on the couch and watched Gabriel pull a pack of cigarettes from his pocket.

“I thought you gave up?” Sylver frowned.

“I did,” Gabriel said lighting one “according to Mother anyway.”

“She’ll smell it” Sylver said Gabriel shrugged.

“So?” he said “she finds fault with everything I do I might as well give her something real to bitch about.” Sylver just looked at him not finding a good argument.

“Anyway we were talking politics, weren’t we?” he sighed, Gabriel nodded. “Well the South’s still rebelling helped by Lord Aim who's a bastard and something is still stopping the water and our magick, even the pillar’s beginning to fade”

“What?” Gabriel looked horrified.

“I know I've tried sending messages to mother” Sylver frowned “but she's not coming back for a little while and she just suggests that the renewal is increased, like we have nothing better to do.”

“It’s only once a month” Gabriel said.

“For three days” Sylver said “to up it either more angels need to leave their posts unattended or we need longer and three days is enough to drain us anyway especially the younger ones.”

“True” Gabriel sighed he stretched slightly. “the army is feeling it too. The new recruits are few and far between, if they turn up at all. I hope wherever Maxwell is that he is keeping a record of the conscriptions he's making.”

“You won’t catch them all” Sylver sighed.

“I know but our army is a nightmare there's nowhere near enough in reserve and half of them are out with dehydration and the rest are getting drunk every night with the excuse that there is no water.” Gabriel angrily stubbed his cigarette out in the ashtray on the small table beside him and he sighed. “What about the other two where are they?” Gabriel asked referring to his other two brothers.

“Well from the letters received,” Sylver said “Tairas is still on his sabbatical in the mountains but I haven’t heard anything from him for a while.”

“He should be back soon” Gabriel muttered.

“If he hasn’t been caught, all we need is a ransom demand.” Sylver growled sarcasm warping his voice.

“Tairas hasn’t been caught. Goddess, forbid anyone should sneak up on him” Gabriel said. “What about Daryll?”

“Entertainment quarters” Sylver smiled slightly.

“That’s a fat lot of use” Gabriel growled.

“We still need to laugh” Sylver sighed “and you need to sleep.”

“I’ll be fine”

“Anyway,” Sylver said looking at his brother sceptically, “the main reason I came here is I may be sending Marcus to you while I organize this renewal and maybe for a few days afterwards. He needs practise with his weapons and I'm presuming you need to start Dawn's training?”

“Yes I do” Gabriel said “and I suppose he can stay here.”

“Good” Sylver said, he sighed and stood up “and get some sleep you need it.”

“I’ll try” Gabriel said standing too as Sylver moved to the dining room and he followed slowly.

“Marcus” Sylver said quietly through the now open door.

“Yes sire?” Marcus said after he'd finished swallowing.

“We need to close the library.” Sylver said seriously.

“Has something happened?” Marcus asked jumping to his feet.

“No” Sylver said quickly “but the renewal is due and I want you to train with Gabriel for that time.” Sylver turned to his twin. “Have you sleeping room for Marcus up here?”

“Not really but I could have another bed set up in my room.”

“What about your lounge?” Sylver asked.

“With the way my memory is recently I’d probably forget he was there, wander in naked and scare him to death.” Sylver smiled slightly as Dawn and Marcus sniggered, then Sylver frowned.
“There’s nothing wrong with your memory, yours is better than mine.”

“Not recently” Gabriel shrugged

“You just need some decent sleep.” Sylver insisted squeezing Gabriel's shoulder. “I’ll send Marcus up with some tea.”

“What sort of tea?” Gabriel asked suspiciously.

“Willowbark” Sylver smiled and Gabriel pulled a face Dawn smiled inwardly as he saw the prince stick his tongue out at his brother in disgust. “I know its not pleasant but it works.” Sylver moved to the door and Marcus followed quickly. “See you in around four days” Sylver said Marcus waved at the two angels and Sylver closed the door.


The End

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