Hints of ProblemsMature

Gabriel looked up as someone knocked on the door to the living room, he stood up.

“Shouldn’t I go?” Dawn asked standing too.

“You should but you haven't finished eating” Gabriel said.


“I’ll go finish your lunch, if you hear me screaming then you can come and rescue me” Dawn grinned.

“Yes sir” he said Gabriel smiled and left the room.


Sylver's greeting smile dropped as he saw his brother and the dark shadows beneath his eyes, a faint grey colour tinted his skin. Sylver pushed into the room.

“Come in” Gabriel growled he let Marcus through and closed the door.

“Gabriel” Sylver said gripping his brother’s shoulders. “You look awful”

“Thanks” Gabriel grumbled shrugging Sylver away.

“Any reason?” Sylver asked.

“I haven't been sleeping.” Gabriel shrugged.

“Why not?”

“No idea” Gabriel growled he looked up as Dawn came in.

“Sire?” Dawn frowned slightly at Sylver.

“Are you okay Dawn?” Gabriel looked closely at the angel.

“Much better thank you” Dawn said the strange look on his face vanishing into a smile.

“Sylver this is Dawn.” Gabriel grumbled, Dawn held his hand out to the almost identical angel, who shook it. Gabriel sniggered.

“What?” Sylver frowned “it’s a nice greeting, better than the bowing and fawning we’re used to”

“True” Gabriel nodded “this is Marcus” he said to Dawn.
“And who are you Dawn?” Sylver asked Dawn looked at Gabriel, who nodded closing his eyes.

“I'm his highnesses new man at arms” Dawn said quietly the title sounding strange to him.

“Really?” Sylver grinned he elbowed his brother “you finally chose someone else”

“I bet it won’t last long though” Gabriel growled, Dawn frowned.

“Why not?” he asked “I thought you liked me for the job” Gabriel looked up at him and smiled sadly.

“I do” he said “but Mother has to approve too”

“And therein lies the problem” Sylver said “she's already turned down…four.” the last word was unsure.

“Five” Gabriel corrected “I didn’t even have them with me long enough to train them. Three of them I didn’t even like”

“Well if certain circumstances get any worse, Dawn will be able to prove himself in other ways.” Sylver sighed.

“How?” Dawn said curiously.

“I see why you like him” Sylver smiled. “Keen to learn and very few manners” Sylver laughed

“Sorry sire” Dawn's cheeks went slightly pink.

“No worries Dawn” Sylver said "it’s nice not to have someone watching everything they say. Plus the fact that so far you remind me of him” he nodded at his brother.

“Really?” Dawn and Gabriel said together Dawn heard the surprise in his own voice and the pink in his cheeks darkened.


“How are certain circumstances?” Gabriel asked Sylver frowned.

“A moment alone?” he said to the other two angels in the room.

“There’s food through there” Gabriel said to Marcus who smiled and followed Dawn into the small dining area.

The End

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