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Sylver and Marcus walked through the library, Marcus looked at Sylver and from his point of view the angel looked exhausted.

“Is there anything wrong?” Sylver asked as he saw Marcus peering at him.

“I was just about ask you the same thing.” Marcus said Sylver smiled tiredly.

“I haven't been sleeping is all” Sylver said, they turned into the main library.

“Is there anything I can do?” Marcus asked.

“Yes” Sylver said slowly “actually there is, you can accompany me to go and see Gabriel.”

“Okay” Marcus smiled he quite liked the grouchy prince “I wanted to thank him anyway.”

“For what?” Sylver asked lightly.

“For bringing me here” Marcus said.

“You’re happy in the library?” Sylver asked as they left said library, saying goodbye to Val as they left.

“So far sire, yes.” Marcus said.

“Do your rooms suit you?”

“Yes” Marcus frowned “but I do have a question”

“Ask” Sylver said pulling back a drape that covered a hidden set of stairs.

“Cool” Marcus grinned

“Cool?” Sylver laughed “I didn’t know you knew common slang”

“I picked it up a few years ago” Marcus flushed slightly.

“Cool” Sylver repeated smiling and Marcus laughed too. “So what was your question?”

“Why is the library underground?”

“You know,” Sylver said thoughtfully “the last person who asked me that was Gabriel and that was years ago.” Sylver pushed back another drape at the top of the steep, stone stairs Marcus ducked under Sylver arm as the angel held it back for him to pass into another corridor. “It’s underground because the sun damages the books and its also better protected there. The pillar at the centre is harder to get to there.” Sylver moved to another flight of stairs. “I am aware of anyone that goes in or out of the library and if too many go in it sets off the protection spells.”

“I see” Marcus nodded the angel had a strange way of explaining things his words seemed to jump all over the place but in the end it covered all of the question.

“The pillar is the protection for all of paradise, it stops anything that shouldn’t be here.”

“Sire?” Marcus said as Sylver suddenly looked even more exhausted then he had a few minutes ago. Sylver stopped outside a dark wood door.

“It doesn’t stop war” Sylver sighed knocking on the door. 

The End

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