In Gabriel's living room, Dawn stood by the door as Gabriel sat down on the couch.

“You can sit down” Gabriel frowned.

“Sire?” Dawn was very confused as to what was happening.

“Sit down” Gabriel repeated “please?” Dawn nodded and moved to the couch.

“Here?” he asked Gabriel nodded once and Dawn perched on the edge of the seat, putting his bag on the floor between his feet.

“Now before we do anything else I have a few things to say”

“Yes sire”

“Okay” Gabriel smiled “first things first, in here you don’t have to be so formal.”

“I'm sorry?” Dawn frowned.

“Call me Gabriel” the prince said he smiled as Dawn's mouth opened slightly. “Secondly I don’t bite, unless you ask nicely” Dawn laughed, “if you have a question now is the time to ask.” Dawn frowned as he thought and Gabriel looked away from him towards the window.

“Sire?” Dawn said slowly Gabriel looked back at him. “Why am I here?”

“I don’t understand” Gabriel said gently. “I thought you wanted to be a guard, that’s why you came here”

“I didn’t mean that, I meant why am I in your room?” Gabriel smiled.

“First” he said smiling still “pull that blue rope, twice please and then follow me again.” Dawn did as he was told with the rope and stood up but he didn’t follow the prince as he moved to a door opposite the window, he turned and looked back at the tall angel. “Anything wrong?” Gabriel asked he could feel annoyance and anxiety building steadily in the other angel and he smiled slightly.

“Sire please” Dawn said “what is going on?” his voice was calm but only just.

“I suggest,” Gabriel said leaving the door open and walking back to Dawn he put his hands on the angel’s shoulders and looked up at him. “That you calm down and I will reveal everything over lunch.” Dawn’s stomach growled happily at the mention of food and he smiled. “That’s better” Gabriel said.


The small table creaked slightly beneath the large tray of cold game a different selection of cheese and various other cold foods and a full jug of red wine.

“Help yourself” Gabriel smiled as Dawn looked at the table his eyes wide.

“What about you sire?” Dawn said forcing himself to stay still.

“I don’t tend to eat lunch.” Gabriel shrugged. “I think that’s why it’s cold meat because the kitchen staff aren’t used to it.” Dawn sat down in the wooden chair his hands curled nervously around the heads of the lions carved into the arms of the chair. Gabriel sat down opposite him and folded his legs gracefully. “Dig in” Gabriel smiled “and do you mind if I smoke?”

“Why would I mind sire?” Dawn asked after swallowing the mouthful of what he thought was wild boar.

“I didn’t ask my brother Tairas once and nearly left the room via a window” Gabriel said Dawn almost choked on his next mouthful as he tried not to laugh. Gabriel poured a glass of wine for Dawn then one for himself.

“I don’t mind sire.” Dawn said he looked at the full glass for a moment. “Are there still problems with the water supplies?” he asked after emptying half the glass, Gabriel cocked his head slightly and smiled.

“You know about that?”

“Of course” Dawn said “who doesn’t?”

“You would be very surprised how few know or even care how low the supplies have become.” Gabriel sighed “they only care when the weather mages can’t fill the reservoir beneath the palace anymore.”

“Why don’t they fill the river?” Dawn asked Gabriel's smile was almost bitter and sardonic.

“Because every time they step outside they can’t even seem to produce a puddle”

“I see” Dawn said.

“I don’t” Gabriel growled Dawn shivered as he seemed to see fire flash through the princes eyes. “Anyway down to your question.” Gabriel said his voice light again, he saw Dawn pull in his chair and look at him attentively while still eating. “Obviously it will be a trial basis only.” Gabriel smiled “but from what I've seen from you and your actions on the first day of you being able to move, I like your attitude”

“Okay” Dawn frowned not sure what his prince was getting at.

“I would like to offer you the position of being my man at arms.” Gabriel said. this time Dawn did choke, Gabriel moved quickly and a flat handed slap between the angels wings had Dawn breathing again. “Better?” Gabriel asked smiling at the rather red faced angel.

“Thank you” Dawn nodded his breaths hard and fast. “But sire?”


“Why me?”

“Because you're intelligent and rude” Gabriel said “you're also quick thinking and by what I've seen, you have more to offer than just a guard.” 

The End

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