Hopes and DreamsMature

He saw the princes braid first laying on the marble floor so it didn’t get wet. Gabriel's head was leant back against the edge of the bath, his eyes shut.

“Sire?” Dawn said again “are you awake?” the prince didn’t move. Dawn swallowed and chewed the inside of his cheek then he moved quickly and crouched down beside Gabriel's head and reached to the princes pale shoulder stopping just before his fingers meet the bare skin. “Sire?” he said again but still Gabriel didn’t react. Dawn could see the princes lean but thin chest moving slightly as he breathed. He gently put his hand on Gabriel's shoulder and the prince frowned and grumbled slightly. “Sire?” Dawn said and jumped backwards as the icy blue eyes snapped open.

“What do you think you're doing?” Gabriel voice was calm but harsh and Dawn felt himself shiver.

“You fell asleep” Dawn said stepping back again.

“Did I?” Gabriel frowned at him twisting around in the water.

“Yes sire” Dawn sighed “I thought you were ill”

“I apologize for frightening you then” Gabriel shifted slightly. “Could you pass me my towel please?” Dawn nodded and turned to another marble bench and picked up a large towel he handed it to Gabriel. “Thank you” Gabriel said quietly he saw Dawn turn his back as his prince climbed out of the small pool. He wrapped the towel around his waist making sure his injuries were covered before he gently rested his hand on Dawn's shoulder he saw the angel visibly jump. “Sorry to startle you” Gabriel said as he turned to look at him.

“That’s okay sire” Dawn said “to be honest you didn’t react how I expected you to”

“I didn’t?” Gabriel asked curiously.  

“No sire” Dawn mumbled and Gabriel waited a moment before realizing that the angel wasn’t going to say anymore.

“Thank you again Dawn” Gabriel said changing the subject as he saw the blush creep over Dawn's face. “Not many angels here are brave enough to sneak up on me let alone when I'm in the bath” Dawn stuttered slightly for a moment.

“Sorry sire” he said he was slightly perplexed about the small smile on the prince’s face.

“Like I said there's no need” Gabriel's smiled widened slightly. “at least you didn’t let me slip under and drown” he said “there's merit in that at least.” Dawn couldn’t help but let a small laugh escape him not quite knowing how else to react. “you look better when you smile” Gabriel said “now if you will excuse me?” Dawn took a moment to realize what the prince meant.

“Okay” he turned and moved to the other side of the screen looking back once as Gabriel bent to retrieve his clothes and saw a slight wince appear on his face.


Gabriel pulled his clothes on, smiling as he did so.

He made sure that his injuries hadn’t left blood on his tunic before pulling it on.


Dawn was sorting through his oil sack when Gabriel appeared his heavily booted feet making no sound on the marble floor.

“Sire” Dawn said as he saw his prince he straightened up and felt his stitches pull and grimaced.

“Don’t do that whether it hurts or not” Gabriel said “any damage?”

“No” Dawn said the pain all but gone. “Am I going to the guard’s quarters soon sire? I need to wash my clothes.” Gabriel tried not to smile.

“I think the laundry will be running by now” he said “but no you're not going to the guards quarters at all” he saw a frown appear on Dawn's face. “Tell me what you're thinking” Gabriel said laying a gentle hand on Dawn's shoulder.

“I came here to be a guard sire” he said Gabriel could hear a slight hint of desperation in his voice.

“And?” Gabriel prodded.

“And if I'm not going to the guard’s quarters then I must be…” Dawn stopped.

“You think I'm sending you away?”

“I think you're kicking me out sire” Dawn said miserably.

“No Dawn” Gabriel smiled. “I'm not kicking you out or anything like that” the other angels face looked hopeful for a moment then it dropped again.

“Really?” he asked

“Really” Gabriel said.

“But what…” Dawn started but Gabriel raised a hand for him to stop.

“Follow me” he said smiling again he left.

The End

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