Baths in PrivateMature

“By the way?” Gabriel said as he waited for 2275 to catch up the other angel was walking slowly wincing every other step. “Did you choose a name?”

“I did sire” 2275 smiled as Gabriel fell into a slow step to let him keep up.

“Well?” Gabriel said patiently.

“Dawn sire” Dawn said.

“Dawn?” Gabriel frowned. “Why did you pick that?”

“I'm not sure” Dawn frowned “I arrived at dawn and you said something about it yesterday and I thought it sounded good”

“It does indeed” Gabriel smiled “Dawn it is” he opened a large set of double doors and saw Dawn freeze. In front of lay a communal pool in the centre of a massive and beautifully tiled room.

“Sire?” he said slowly all traces of his smile gone.

“Yes?” Gabriel said smiling slightly.

“I can’t…” Dawn stopped unsure how to phrase the fact that he couldn’t stomach the idea of bathing in front of strangers, Gabriel's smile widened.

“Don’t worry I wouldn’t expect you to bathe here not with how much dirt and mud you have on you.” the prince led the way to another door directly opposite them, traversing around the edge of the pool casually greeting the few angels in the water. Dawn followed his cheeks burning. “These are the private baths there are two pools in each room I will be in with you but there is a screen between us so no dignity is lost.” Gabriel said.

“I'm sorry” Dawn mumbled. Gabriel shook his head waving a dismissive hand.

“No need I hate getting in with the others too” Dawn smiled slightly as Gabriel led him down the door lined corridor to one open door at the end.


Dawn sank happily into the deep pool stretching his long legs in the comfortably warm water he lowered himself slowly clenching his teeth as the water touched the healing cut down his ribcage seeming to burn. Through the thin screen he heard his prince hiss.

“Sire?” Dawn called.

“Yes dawn?” Gabriel called back his voice was strained.

“Are you okay?” Dawn asked.

“Fine the waters a little hot is all”

“Alright” Dawn mumbled.


Gabriel blinked tears from his eyes as the hot water scalded the fresh wounds on his back and the single deep gash that ran around his side just above his hip. He lay back slowly letting the pain subside.


Dawn scrubbed his skin until it was slightly pink making sure every last bit of dirt and sweat was gone he ducked under the water rinsing his short black hair then above the water he finger combed it backwards.

“Sire?” he said as he climbed out of the floor level bath. He didn’t get an answer as he pulled clean clothes from his bag and dried himself with the towel that lay on the small marble bench at the edge of the room.

“Sire is everything okay?” he said loudly rubbing the soft towel over his hair making it stick up again. He ran his fingers back through it and lay the towel back on the bench. He moved towards the screen and took a deep breath.

“I'm so dead for this” he muttered to himself and quickly looked around the edge of the screen.










The End

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