Gabriel looked out of his bedroom window he could just see the training tent far below and he pulled a face. Then he turned and walked slowly to the couch on the other side of his living quarters and the springs protested as he flopped heavily onto it and laid his head back.

Someone knocked on the small lounge door and he stood again muttering to himself and wrenched the door open. A white robed angel stood outside holding a roll of paper.

“Message for you sire” the angel said holding out the note Gabriel took it and the angel hurried off down the corridor, Gabriel sighed and closed the door. unrolling the letter he wandered back through his rooms he sighed as he recognized lines and lines of Sylver spidery scrawl he recognized few of the letters as the figures seemed to jump and swap places on the paper.

When would his brother remember that he couldn’t make heads nor tails of the written words.

He folded the note and lit the candle beside his bed then put out the ones in the lounge.


Sleep took a long time to find the prince as he turned and moved about trying to get comfortable in the silk sheets he growled and made himself lay still staring up at the dark canopy above his bed.


The next morning Gabriel kept yawning as he watched the few guards on punishment duty. He sighed as Areem hobbled over to him.

“My lord?” the old angel said quietly.

“Yes?” Gabriel said.

“No offence intended but you look exhausted” Areem said.

“I feel it” Gabriel said “I think I will leave you to watch over this” he waved casually at the work detail in front of him.

“Very good sire” Areem nodded.

“And I want the four from the fight yesterday to come to my rooms at eight tonight”

“Yes sire” Areem nodded as Gabriel turned and walked away.


Gabriel stopped mid yawn as he stepped into the infirmary to see 2275 playing chess with the matron.

“You’re highness” matron nodded as Gabriel came over she looked at him for a few moments. “Are you well?” she added.

“I'm fine matron” Gabriel said sinking down into the chair beside the bed. “Just tired.”  The matron stood and without asking permission she pressed the back of her hand to his forehead.

“You are rather warm” she said withdrawing her hand.

“I’ll live. I just need some decent sleep” Gabriel said nonchalantly.

“Very well” matron said.

“Carry on” Gabriel said nodding at the chessboard.

“I should really get on” matron said not sitting down again.

“Okay” 2275 smiled matron nodded and left the room.

“Sorry to interrupt your game” Gabriel said trying not to yawn again.

“That’s alright sire” 2275 said “I'm not very good at it anyway” Gabriel sat forward scanning the board the dark haired angel was right he was losing quite badly.

“Are you well enough to leave?” Gabriel asked.

“Still a little sore sire but I’ll be fine”

“Good you need a bath” Gabriel said standing up and stretching.

“So do I” he added he couldn’t keep the yawn in as he spoke.

“You look like you need a bed not a bath.” 2275 said picking his bag up Gabriel noticed that the angel still moved very slowly and he helped him pull a new but mud streaked t-shirt on that had come from the angel’s oil sack. Gabriel looked at him a little surprised smile on his face.

“Indeed I do” he said “but a bath first, come on I’ll show you the way”

The End

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