What's in a Name?Mature

Gabriel sat by the new guard’s bedside an ugly line of stitches ran down the youth’s side, his ribs had been set and his lung repaired. The strange young man had barely made a sound as the matron had sewn him up then swept from the room.

Gabriel himself had cleaned the angels face and set the bone in his arm, tightly wrapping a thick bandage around his wrist.


Gabriel's eyes were shut as 2275 awoke.

“Sire?” the young angel said quietly.

“Yes?” Gabriel didn’t open his eyes as he spoke.

“Are you okay?”

“I'm fine” the icy blue eyes slid open and Gabriel looked at his patient. “And you?”

“Sore” 2275 winced as he tried to sit up a little more so he could see his prince up the right way.

“You will be for a while” Gabriel said “but you shouldn’t scar much”

“I don’t really mind” 2275 said slowly “I’ll add them to my collection”

“A good attitude to have” Gabriel smiled. “And now I want you to think for me” he paused.

“About what, sire?”

“A name” Gabriel said “I am not calling one of my guards by a number.”

“But I'm…”

“I accept that you are orphan and technically it is not proper for you to be named but I want something I can shout easily if you annoy me” 2275 laughed painfully.

“I've never really thought about it before sire” he frowned.

“Then you have a golden opportunity, don’t you?” Gabriel smiled.

“Yes sire” 2275 said a slow smile spreading over his face.

“Your conscription notice will be changed once you have chosen. Does any one else know that you have no name?”

“Only the guard at the gate this morning and the old angel in the training grounds”

“Very well” Gabriel nodded “pick a name and no one needs know that you are orphan if you so wish it”

“Thank you sire” 2275 whispered “I don’t know what to say.”

“Say nothing unless you think of something for me to call you” 2275 grinned despite the pain he was in and nodded.

“Yes sir”

“I have punishment duty to dish out at dawn so I can’t come and see you until aroundnoon”

“Okay” 2275 said slightly confused and Gabriel smiled.

“I wish to come and see how you are tomorrow” he said “I like to know that my guards are in one piece.” 2275 nodded. “goodnight.” Gabriel stood and walked away from the bed 2275 sat back among the pillows thinking about the princes words.

“Well” he smiled to himself “how about that?” he sniffed and shuffled slightly so he was laying down. “Dawn sounds good” 

The End

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