Absent Minded LessonsMature

Marcus had his small book open in front of him as Sylver described the magick that it covered.

“The first thing you need to learn here is basic physical protection outlined in the first chapter.” Marcus looked down at the writing on the first page. “The basic circle is your first lesson. Your first mark assists with this as a visualisation aid. The brass is conductive and a circle already exists you must picture yourself in that circle, like so.” Sylver vanished in a flash of copper light and in an instant reappeared. “Throw that at me” he said pointing to a large paperweight on the table. Marcus’ eyes widened and Sylver smiled. “Go ahead” Marcus lifted the paperweight it was a lump of solid, blobby copper he swallowed, aimed and shut his eyes as he threw it. He heard Sylver laugh and looked up a pool of quickly cooling molten metal steamed at the angels feet.

“Wow” Marcus smiled unsurely.

“Indeed” Sylver said Marcus saw the angels eyes flash and he stepped casually over the pool of metal. “Good for protection but I lose a lot of paperweights that way.” He sighed Marcus laughed. “That’s good to see”

“What is?” Marcus asked.

“I imagine you don’t get to laugh much in the training tent.”

“No sir” Marcus said Sylver raised his eyebrows. “Sylver” Marcus corrected. Sylver smiled and looked casually at his watch and his eyes widened.

“It’s nearly ten” he said “you should be getting some sleep by now” he turned and looked out of his office door. “So should I and I have not even shown you where you're sleeping yet. Come along.” Marcus followed Sylver from the small room noting that the candles puffed themselves out as they left.

The End

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