The LibraryMature

Marcus’ left ear throbbed as he followed Sylver into the endless corridors of the library Gabriel followed slowly.

“Don’t you need a book too sire?” Marcus frowned at the prince.

“Gabriel” Sylver emphasized the name “doesn’t read much”

“But what if something happens?” Marcus asked.

“Nothing has beaten him yet and anything that can contend with his temper tantrums are much braver than me” Sylver smiled at his brother, then he looked up. “This is mythical and extinct creatures. Also there is a new section for the creatures of earth that the scientology geeks are trying to introduce.” Gabriel snorted distastefully behind them.

“Though why they had to bring insects up here is beyond me” he said.

“For the birds Gabriel” Sylver said. “They all live off one another”

“And it really took two years of crop failure to figure that out” the prince asked sarcastically.

“The locusts were a bit of a pain but we managed” Sylver said calmly. They carried on walking they were now in a thin corridor not a book in sight but the walls were lined with small doors. “You will have no access to this area until you have at least your fourth mark.” Sylver said to Marcus.

“What’s down here?” Marcus asked.

“Advanced magick’s, daemonology, old maps that sort of thing but some of the books themselves are dangerous. All new books here go through me first before being filed.” They came out of the corridor and Sylver stuck his hand out stopping Marcus before he took another step. “And this” Sylver smiled “is the heart of the library” they stepped forward slowly and looked down into an enormous precipice. A thick blue-white pillar ran from the floor far below up to the roof over one hundred feet up to the ceiling. “You do not come here without me”

“Yes” Marcus looked down again and felt a shiver run through him.

“This is the protection for the library and more importantly paradise itself.” Sylver said “the renewal days I will inform you of but the next one is on Friday, I don’t expect you to know what to do by then so I will show you how to run the front desk and for once the library can stay open to the public.”

“Okay” Marcus frowned as he saw Gabriel tilt his head as if hearing something far away.

“No rest for the wicked” the prince sighed “it’s supposed to be my day off”

“What is it?” Sylver asked

“An arrival” Gabriel grumbled “and a late one at that”

“We’ll walk you back through the library” Sylver said

“Fine” Gabriel nodded turning back and walking up the thin corridor.

“And on the way we can see how much of the libraries layout has been remembered” Sylver smiled at Marcus.


At the main desk in the library the prince stopped and turned to the two angels behind him.

“I’ll came and see you later” Sylver said “once Marcus is settled in” Gabriel nodded once.

“Okay” he sighed, Sylver smiled gently.

“Get some sleep when you can,” he embraced his brother “you look exhausted.”

“Thank you” Gabriel said as Sylver let him go. Marcus saw the prince do up the top button of his tunic and he straightened up and turned leaving the library.


The End

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