The cloaked figure climbed a steep hill his back bent forward and his pace slow his breath wheezed slightly as he held his side. At the top he stopped brushing his hood down away from his face he smiled his handsome face lighting up and hurried as quickly as he dared down the other side of the hill and into the royal city ofParadise.


The streets teemed with angels and he tightened his grip on the sack over his shoulder a dagger at his waist had his fingers wrapped around the hilt.

Walking quickly through the marketplace he ignored the cries of the stall holders trying to sell their merchandise and carried on towards the centre of the city.


He tried to ignore the pain in his side as he climbed the hill towards the palace a burning sensation in his thighs joined the stabbing feeling in his chest as eight days of travelling began to creep up on him.

He shielded his eyes from the glare of the morning sun as he looked at the temples that lined the pathway. He inclined his head at the large guard near the palaces enormous metal gates.

“Good morning” he said trying to keep his voice even despite the pain he was in. He handed a roll of paper, which had been safely tucked in his belt, to the guard who opened it and quickly scanned it.

“No name?” he said looking at the stranger.

“No sir just my number”

“Which is?” the stranger smiled.

“2275 sir” he said knowing the number by heart.

“Very well” the guard handed him the paper without rolling it back up. “You report to the Captain”

“Where do I find him?”

“No idea. He could be anywhere." The guard smiled nastily as he opened the gate to let the black haired traveller through.

“Fine” he growled and walked past his head held high. He soon looked down watching his feet as he began the long climb to the palace he heard the guard slam the gate behind him.

“Bloody outcasts” the guard hissed, 2275 didn’t care what the guard thought of him he turned and grinned at him then turned and resumed his long walk. 

The End

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