Rules and RegulationsMature

Sylver's office was small but airy ventilation shafts were built into the ceiling. A bed was set up along one wall and a desk on the other side of the room piled high with neat stacks of paper and a few books. A fire and two branches of candles lit the room nicely.

“Please sit down if you can find a space.” Sylver smiled at Marcus. Gabriel sat down shuffling backwards on the bed until he could lean comfortably on the wall his pure white feathered wings spread around him. Marcus perched on the bed near the pillows.

Sylver sat on a high backed chair that he'd pulled away from the desk. “Now Marcus while you're here you will be filing books mostly but you have your lessons with me and will learn magic. Every other day Gabriel will take you in the afternoons and you'll learn your weapons. Small and discreet as they are you'll most likely need them at some point” Marcus felt wonderful and he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. “That’s if you want the job of course?” Marcus nodded vigorously.


“Yes” Sylver smiled “your allowance is paid weekly you start on two gold pieces, this will increase if you survive the first three months. Your weekends are your own unless the renewal falls then and if so I will allocate two alternative days for you” Marcus nodded eagerly. “Your weapons will be cleaned each evening and sharpened once a week. You will keep your weapons and flares with you at all times and I will issue a book that will be carried likewise”

“So they're flares” Marcus said more to himself than anyone else.

“Yes” Sylver smiled. Val came in through the open door. A book and a box held tightly in her hands and a strip of leather hung over her shoulder. Marcus eyed this carefully this smile gone.

“Sylver” Val said

“Thank you” he stood taking the items from her then he looked at the young angel on the bed. “Are you well Marcus?” Sylver asked noticing that even beneath the heavy bruising Marcus had gone a pale, slightly green colour. He nodded swallowing hard Sylver looked at the belt as he took it from Val and noticed Marcus’ eyes followed it.

“I will tell you now” Sylver said gently “my punishments do not extend to physical violence” Marcus looked at him distrustfully.

“Really?” he asked

“Really” Sylver smiled “I have worse than that if you annoy me” Marcus swallowed.

“Which isn’t easy” Gabriel muttered from beside him. Marcus looked at him the prince had his eyes shut, his head leant back on the stone wall behind him.

“True” Sylver laughed “this is yours” he handed Marcus the belt “it is designed to carry everything you need to work here” Marcus took the cool, brown leather and examined the added loops and the pouch on the side then he looked up at Sylver again and nodded.

“Good” Sylver said then he handed the book to Marcus. “This fits into the pouch on the side. It is the first book you will study I expect you to know it by heart after the first year.” Marcus nodded again. “And Goddess help you if I catch you without it even at midnight on your way to the bathroom.”

“Okay” Marcus said.

“And now the unpleasant part” Sylver sighed “you need your first mark” he opened the box revealing two thick needles and a velvet covered compartment. Sylver sat down on the pillow beside Marcus and put the box on his lap. Marcus looked up at him as the angel pulled his curtain of silver hair back to reveal eight small rings in his ear the three at the bottom were brass.

“You get three brass ones as you up your rank no one has had all three in under eighteen months.” Marcus looked at Gabriel and saw silver hoops running down his left ear these were highly decorated but small and he only had four. “They are the warrior’s ones” Sylver sniffed.

“These are harder to get than those” Gabriel grumbled.

“At least you don’t have to fall on your face to get these” Sylver sniped back Marcus stifled a laugh.  

“At least you don’t have mother putting yours in” Gabriel growled.

“That’s a good thing” Sylver said Marcus let the small laugh escape at Sylver's words and the angle smiled at him. “Are you ready?” he asked Marcus who nodded and watched Sylver lift one of the long thick needles.










The End

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