“What’s oiling rota sire?” Marcus asked quietly as they walked down yet another corridor.

“The weapons need cleaning and oiling when they’re not in use” the prince said “its tedious and repetitive work that no one ever volunteers for” the prince said they descended a flight of stone steps.

“I see” Marcus nodded he though about all of the racks of weapons in the armoury ‘enough for an army’ he thought to himself. “I wouldn’t like to clean them either sire”

“Nor me” the prince sighed pushing a set of double doors at the end of a stone passageway open and Marcus stopped as he stepped through his mouth dropping open.

“Wow” he said dumbly. Hundreds of shelves and glass cases surrounded them stretching up over thirty feet to the stone ceiling all lined with thousands of books.

“Wow indeed” the prince smiled. “Come along” Marcus took a moment before he realized his feet hadn’t moved.

“My lord” a female voice greeted as they rounded a corner comprised of more shelves.

“Hello Val” the prince smiled. “Is my brother at home?”

“I believe he's in the meditation room sire” Val said tensely.

“Could you fetch him for me?”

“I can sire but he wont be happy” she hurried off anyway leaving her desk unattended.

Marcus turned on the spot his eyes travelling around the shelves.

“Do you think you could be happy here?” the prince asked Marcus nodded his mouth open. “A man at arms you may not be but Sylver's been looking for an assistant for a while now.” Marcus spun to look at him.

“Me?” he said “really?”

“Yes you” the prince smiled “your academic scores are the highest we've had in a long time”

“They are?” Marcus asked he jumped as he heard someone shout somewhere in the massive library.

“Ah he's in a good mood” the prince grinned “wonderful” Marcus shifted his feet getting increasingly nervous as they waited.



“I hope this is good” a voice shouted nearby Val and another angel came round the corner coming quickly to the desk.

“Hello Sylver” the prince said

“What?” Sylver frowned Marcus took in the similarities between the two silver haired angels both had long silver hair but Sylver wore his loose and it hung just past his shoulders whereas the prince’s hair hung in a thick braid down past his waist. Other than that the only difference were their eyes Sylver's were a pale but warm green rather than the prince’s icy blue.

“This is Marcus” the prince introduced the nervous angel.

“And?” Sylver frowned he took the piece of paper that his brother held out to him and quickly scanned it. His eyebrows rose and he looked up at Marcus over the paper.

“I can see why you're here” he said Marcus sighed inwardly with relief as Sylver voice softened considerably.

“I don’t think he does” the prince smiled.

“You didn’t tell him?” Sylver asked. “Gabriel you're cruel” the prince smiled.

“I like to see people squirm it prepares them a little more.” Gabriel smiled Marcus looked at him.

“So Marcus Fardale” Sylver said. “Do you like my library?”

“Yes sire” Marcus said.

“Okay first rule if we’re going to get along” Sylver frowned “no sirs, sires or anything like that. We all have names and they don’t get used enough especially his” he pointed at his brother.

“Okay” Marcus said Sylver looked at him “Sylver” Marcus added quietly and Sylver smiled.

“Val could you get me a book, a belt and the box please” Sylver said to the woman beside him she nodded and disappeared between the book shelves. Marcus blanched slightly having no idea what the angel was talking about now. “please follow me” Sylver said then he stopped and looked at Gabriel. “I presume you're coming too?”

“I have nothing more pressing at this time” Gabriel said and Marcus saw him shrug a strange motion for the usually stoic prince he realized that under the public eye he behaved very differently to being in private.


The End

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