Marcus was lost in moments once they entered the palace he let his prince lead him down the endless corridors and passageways into a small set of chambers near the back of the enormous building. Marcus saw a bowl of steaming water sitting on a bench at the back of the room.

“Wash up” the prince said behind Marcus. “Get as much blood off as possible and make sure your hands are clean. Clothes into the fireplace”

“Yes sire” Marcus said.

“I will be back in a moment” Marcus watched the silver haired angel turn and leave then he began to strip his clothes off. He pressed the washcloth to his face the water stung as the bruises heated up.

“These should fit you” a voice said behind him the prince held out a deep blue tunic and black cotton trousers. Marcus felt the blood rush to his face as he realized he was naked in front of his prince.

“Thank you sire” he mumbled.

“Don’t thank me” the prince said turning away to give the boy a little dignity. “He hasn’t said yes yet” Marcus smiled as he saw the prince look away from him.

“Who hasn’t sire?” Marcus asked tugging the trousers on.

“My brother”

“Sire you have four brothers”

“True” the prince said Marcus straightened the tunic then he felt a tug on his shoulder length hair and watched with a mixture of fascination and horror as his prince tied his hair back fastening it with a  strip of leather.

“I don’t think that any job should be below me do you?” the prince asked quietly.

“No sire but…”

“I also don’t take well to being argued with” the prince frowned. “Let’s go”

“Where sire?” Marcus asked.

“The armoury whilst the work I have in mind for you isn’t particularly hazardous on the battle front there are a few things you need.”

“A sword?”

“Not quite” the prince smiled again.



The main armoury room was enormous near the dungeons it was cold and Marcus began to shiver slightly.

“You'll get used to it” the prince said noticing as the smaller angel pulled his thin leather jacket tighter around himself he led the way through to a small room at the back of the armoury an angel sat at a large desk that was covered in paperwork.

“Harold” the prince said but the angel didn’t look up “Harold” the prince snapped

“Yes?” the angel looked up slowly and smiled “my lord”

“We have someone for the basement” the prince said Marcus frowned.

“Are you sure?” Harold said standing up he pulled a ring of keys from a pouch on his belt as he looked Marcus up and down.

“Yes I'm sure” the prince frowned.

“This way young ‘un” Harold slurred Marcus looked at the silver haired angel who nodded once. Marcus swallowed and followed Harold to another door behind his desk a small room was set out swords hung from one wall and various smaller weapons lined the other walls. “Arms out lad” the older angel said gruffly Marcus did so and he had a small sheet of oil cloth laid over his outstretched arms. A small hand axe was put on top of that a silver dagger and an iron knife and three long thin tubular objects. Harold then folded the oilcloth into a carry sack and handed it to Marcus.

“Thank you” Marcus said.

“Don’t thank me yet young ‘un not yet anyhow”

“Why not?” the angel just smiled and led Marcus back out of the room.

“All set sire” Harold said the prince nodded.

“Good” he said “let’s go” he said to Marcus “and Harold the next time you're drunk on duty I’ll put you on oiling rota”

“Yes sire” Harold said.


The End

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