Dawn in Paradise (prequel to the Midway)Mature

Spoilers alert do not read if you want the midway stories to be surprising :-D NaNo entry
prequel to the Midway

A small fire burned beneath the trees it hissed as the rain built up in the trees dropping down into the flames. A large figure huddled down inside a thick fur cloak, the hood pulled up, concealing his face.

A small leaf wrapped bundle sat on a pile of stones at the edge of the fire and it seemed to keep the attention of the pair of brown eyes that looked out from beneath the fur lined hood.

The figure shifted slightly, anyone nearby would have heard him curse as the water began to soak through the thick fur making his crude leather clothes wet.

He stood up, a tall figure, and pulled his hood down, undoing the silver clasp at his throat. He pulled the cloak from around his wide shoulders and shook it out, then looking up he swung it over two low tree branches as a temporary shelter.

Sitting back down he spread a pair of dark grey feathery wings and settled back against the tree and sighed closing his eyes.


The training tent was in a frenzy as all of the young guards in training ran to clean up the premises or themselves. Near the enormous tents entrance a grizzled angel sat idly on a wooden chair, occasionally looking out through the flaps of the tent watching for their approaching visitor. He shifted in the chair moving his light grey wings slightly.

“Marcus” he barked, not looking around.

“Sir” the angel stopped and stood to attention letting go of the horses reigns and the water bucket he was holding. The bucket threw its contents of drinking water over the straw covered floor, the horse just stood seeming to wonder what had happened.

“Get that beast out of here and unless you want another months pay docked you'll be careful of what little water we have.”

“Yes sir” the young angel said morosely, he stayed still until the old angel stood and looked at him.

“Dismissed” he growled, Marcus nodded once and quickly retrieved the bucket and pulled the reluctant horse from the tent.

“Now that wasn’t nice” a voice said behind the old angel, who turned his eyes widening.

“The only way to deal with them sire” the silver haired angel entered the tent. “In line” the old angel shouted. The boys in the tent ran to do as they were ordered standing to attention in the centre of the tent.

The handsome silver haired angel moved to the left of the line to look at the angels presented to him. He moved slowly down the line either not noticing or not caring about the disappointed looks on the faces of the boys as he passed them.

“Still here Marcus?” the angel said, as he reached the ragged boy at the end of the line.

“Yes sire” Marcus said, the angel smiled at him.

“Dismissed” the angel snapped. “Except you” he looked at Marcus who felt suddenly cold.

“Sire you don’t want him” the grizzled angel limped over to them as the other boys wandered off whispering quietly.

“Areem,” the silver haired angel frowned “are you in the capacity to tell me what to do?”

“No captain” Areem bowed.

“Good” the angel smiled the smile dropped quickly and he moved nearer too Areem. “Then piss off”

“Yes sire” Areem limped quickly back to his chair by the entrance.

“Walk with me Marcus” the angel said kindly, the smaller angel looked shocked and took a moment to realize that he hadn’t moved.

“Yes sire” he skipped to catch up with the angel. 

The End

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