This is a love story about Dawn Summers (a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and a vampire named Justin (the vampire who Dawn shares her first kiss with in 'All The Way)
The episode ends with her killing him, and so that's where their love began.

The demonic face still captivated Dawn as Justin towered over her. She could see his fangs, shining dully in the soft moonlight. She was scared, but she still felt a connection with him. She knew that she shouldn't. But she couldn't help it. 
He was waiting for an answer. 'Do I like him?' dawn thought. Of course she did. She couldn't deny that.

"I do" she replied solemnly. She knew she shouldn't. And she knew that he couldn't stay alive-or whatever he was. She could feel tears welling in her eyes and she subtly moved her hand to grope around on the floor. Her fingers finally encountered the feel of wood. The crossbow bolt that she had noticed earlier. She held it up toward his heart as he slowly bent down toward her neck. She shivered as he came closer. Then she felt the bolt go straight through his, to his unseating heart. She closed her eyes as she felt the dust flutter too the ground, covering her.

The End

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