The boy crept forward another inch, wary of the two he followed as silently as he could. They smelled strange, not from the forest, and certainly not from anywhere he knew. Although, all that he knew was the forest. He let out a quiet breath, watching them and sneaking another inch. 

'Just keep blundering on..perhaps..they will get lost.' he thought, a very tiny smile creeping across his lips. 'Then I can lead.'


"Arve, maybe we should be turnin' 'round. It be gettin' dark." 

"Garik, the next time you's gonna be turnin' into a yellow-bellied lizard, let me knows so's I don't hafta take you along." Arve replied. 

"But perhaps they's be somethin' in this here forest'n it's be comin' ta eat us?" Garik asked

"Then perhaps it'll eat you first and save me the trouble." 

The End

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