He sighed, looking at the two below him with distrust, unsure of their intentions. He did not want to approach them, but slipped down the tree's thick trunk to the ground, watching them in silence. 

'What was that smell...?' he thought, curious. He sniffed a little, shaking his head. The odor from before still lingered, along with the scent of mead, ale, and dirt. They smelled of the forest, but it was hidden beneath the smell of strangers. The smell of outsiders. 

He stepped forward slightly, cracking a small branch beneath his foot and tensing. 

Maybe they didn't hear...


"Did you hear that?" Garik tensed, looking around them warily.

"Will ya shut your yap? Probably just a forest animal skittering around. Ya're so jumpy when we travels." Arve snorted. 

"I- I'm jus' sayin' I hear something." Garik muttered following him quietly, adjusting his pack and sighing.

Arve rolled his eyes. 

The End

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