The boy, with no name he could speak of, and even if he knew it, had no one to tell, slid down the tree, walking into the woods. The spring rain made the dirt beneath his feet squish and splatter onto his pants. He sighed, knowing he would have to clean them later, but not caring considering there was no one around to care about his appearance.

He slipped underneath a branch, walking into a small clearing. A pair of wolf cubs wrestled playfully in the grass, chewing on each other's ears, growling small baby growls. 

He smiled softly, looking at them, then continued onward, not sure where exactly he was going.


"Where are we goin' to anyway." Garik muttered, adjusting his pack again, sighing.

Arve rolled his eyes. "Where else do you think? The Elvish towns are the only in Imperyl that have the ale we need." 

"We could have bought some from that shop twelve miles back!" Garik shouted in annoyance.

Arve sighed. "It is not the same thing, Garik. Now shut up."  

Garik muttered something, looking warily at the trees. "They say the Elvish trees have ears." 

"And I suppose you think dragons still exist too, mm?" 

"...I'm jus' sayin'." 

A pair of yellow eyes gleamed through the bushes, then blinked and disappeared. 

The End

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