Poor Joe


Jeeves walked away with a sullen look on his withered face.

"Hey! Who the hell is this guy now? Bring back the other one!" Joe sneered as he enjoyed the luxurious life of being rich. But suddenly, his plasma TV cracked and went to the blue screen of death.

"Oi! What happened to my telly!?" yelled Joe. His faced screamed out rage as he banged his fist in vain attempt to try and fix the now broken television. 

"I don't think that's going to help it Joey." Davy inquired as he sat on one of the comfortable leather couches. Joe glanced back and glared at Davy. He turned his head over and pounded the TV harder.

"My. Name. Is. Joe. You. Twit!" suddenly the television shook. Davy came and pulled Joe back just as it fell to the ground.

And then the piano fell on top of it.

Shock filled Davy's face as Joe bent down onto his knees and raised his hands in the air, "Nooooooooo!" he cried. "Wait, I don't cry you bloke. Now bring back my telly this instant." With tears in his eyes, he got up and stared up at the ceiling with a demanding look to his dismay. He stomped his foot twice while he held off the urge to cry and scream and whine like a baby.

"Why you litt-" He was interrupted by Jeeves.

"Ladies, here is sir Joseph, waiting for your hospitality." The girls slightly cringed at the way Joe was acting. All baby like and foolish.

"Go away...who ever you are that is ruining my life!" he yelled at the roof. The girls had begun to laugh now.

"What a loser." muttered the cheerleader.

"Who cares if he's rich." replied the school girl. The other girl merely scoffed and flipped her gorgeous hair at him. "Jeeves would be ever so kind to escort us to the door?" asked the cheerleader flirtatiously. Jeeves looked over at Joe and raised an eyebrow.

"I would be delighted too, my darling." The girls giggled and together Joe's old butler and three attractive woman walked away, leaving Joe alone with Davy.

Suddenly Joe felt an arm go around his back. He looks up pathetically to meet Davy smiling down at him.

"What the bloody hell are you doing mate?" Davy didn't answer him.

"Why don't you spend the night at my house? Your house is obviously trashed." Davy beamed at Joe, hoping that one day he'd realize his true feelings and they-

"Hahahaha, very funny you insignificant little bastard. I've been there before, with the gay jokes and the whole thing with Davy here being the hero and I'm just an ugly old man, ha-ha-ha-ha-HA!"

For rudely disrespecting the authors creativity, the fire alarm suddenly goes off and the sprinklers are turned on. They sit together, arm in arm, looking like absolute rubbish. ( Except for Davy ;) )

Joe decides that it's better then nothing to spend the night at Davy's instead at his stupid house so races up the winding stair case to his bedroom, where he'll pack some extra briefs and such before leaving with Davy. Sadly though, this author hasn't gotten back for the rude interruption so out of know where, all his stuff is gone.

"Bloody hell! Someone stole all my stuff!"

Poor, poor Joey.


The End

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