Trick Or Treat

Joe stormed down the front steps in a fog of frustration, too caught up in his own thoughts to notice the return of an old friend.

"Oh, I see you sunshine, I'm just ignoring you," Joe muttered darkly to the author he was supposedly ignoring. "Why don't you go back to that insane pub and leave me alone? Drink yourself to death, why don't you?"

Unfortunately, Joe was so distracted by all the recent madness that had gone on in his life that he had forgotten to grab his keys on the way out the door. Letting out a petulant sigh, he turned and skipped back to the door.

"So... much... hate..."

Joe entered the house and attempted to retrieve his keys from their usual spot - the jaws of a rabid wolverine. Top notch security at this pad.

"You've got to be bloody joking mate," Joe said as he moved his hand ever so slowly towards the foam covered razor sharp teeth of Winston the wolverine. "And then I gave up and put my hands in my pockets! Look at me with my hands in my -"

Joe's mindless raving was, sadly, interrupted by his doorbell chiming loudly. As he approached the door he thought he heard the sounds of trick-or-treaters outside. He paused with his hand on the door knob.

"Gee, I wonder which it will be," Joe said with a glance at the chapter title. Despite his doubts he threw open the door with a flourish.

"Trick or treat!"

Joe's jaw dropped. Standing on the porch were three of the most beautiful women he had ever seen; there was a blonde dressed as a school girl, a redheaded cheerleader and a brunette done up as an airline stewardess.

"You tosser, I'm not falling for this," Joe said, his lolling tongue betraying his interest. "I don't have any candy to give out anyway."

"Oh, that's too bad," the cheerleader pouted. "Do you mind if we come in to use your loo? We've been holding it all night and I know I can't last much longer!"

The other girls nodded and giggled in agreement. Joe, for reasons unknown, hesitated. Maybe Davy and him really were g-

"Okay, fine, come in then!" Joe sighed. "What's the worst that could happen?"

The End

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