Joe - Without a Paddle

As soon as Joe clicked on the little bomb, his computer switched off.

"Huh, that's odd." He mused.

"Even stranger, I'm not the musing type!"

"Calm down, Joe, you're having one of your episodes." Davy explained gently.

"Yes, Davy. I am indeed having one of my episodes."

So Davy and Joe left the room and decided to go into the bedroom to have a lay down and a think.

"Soooo, Joe. I really did think your poems showed a part of you I hadn't known about before."

"Yeah, howabout that." Joe quickly replied. "But what are we going to do about the computer?"

"Ahh, we don't need the computer for fun, I'll show you other ways to have fun!"

"Why the hell not." Joe responded submissivly.




3 minutes and 21 seconds later.

"HELL NO!" Joe shouted. "And what is that squiggly line?"

"Not your idea of fun?" Davy asked innocently.

"Seriously Davy, the reason the internet was created was because we all realised that Monopoly could only be played so many times!"

"But what about the little doggy? Look, I put the hat on him, and it's covered his whole head!"

"Right, I'm going for a walk. I would like it if you phoned the internet company to find out why... well, why they suck balls." And with that, Joe went out and slammed the door behind him.

"Wow," Davy said out loud. "Someone needs to get laid!"

The End

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