Joe - The Insanity.

Everything was very very white. Or rather, there was just an absence of anything.

"What the....who the hell?"

Perhaps it was magic the man was standing there, in the absence. Perhaps it was not. Maybe, the very thought it could or could not be magic was magic in itself?

"Stop speaking in damn riddles you freak of nature!"

A small, empty, black circle appeared around Joe's feet.

"Oh no, scary." He said sarcastically.

Joe stepped out of the circle. The circle was still around his feet, without even having to move with him. Joe stepped again. He was still in the tiny circle.

"Ok, so I have a shape following me. Is that supposed to annoy me?...."

The circle immediately became a burning ring of green fire, it's form twisting between that of Beary and a small mouse, each taking turns at lunging for Joe's fragile throat.

"Ouch! What the bloody hell is goi-"

The circle became a bending line of black on the floor once again. Joe wanted to escape this geometrical horror, so he started cartwheeling and backflipping away from the circle. Except Joe couldn't cartwheel.

"Ow! No wai-!

Ugh! STOP TH-!


Joe lay limp on the non-existant floor, still in the damn circle. Unwillingly, he got up and decided to turn around.

"Haa....Ugh....Stop making me move, goddamnit!"

He began to saw what looked like a travelling circus, led by Davy, moving steadily towards him. Joe stretched out him arm, waved frantically and giggled uncontrollably.

"No.....hehe......I'm not......hehehe.......some kind of dumb sissy!"

Joe immediately found himself in a frightfully pink tutu, sparkly lipgloss and pigtailed hair. He carried on waving, delighted with his new outfit.

"NO......hehe.....I'M NOT FREAKIN......hahahaha.....DELIGHTED!!" He screamed in his high pitched whinny.

Davy and the strange animals paraded right up to him, then stopped. Davy proceded to comment on how 'Terrifically lovely you look today Joey!"

"It's JOE you JACKASS."

One of the zebras walked up and began chewing on one of Joey's pigtails. He didn't want to move away, so he endured the pain at the back of his head. In fact, glistening tears formed at the thought of his pretty hair being ruined, but sweet Joey didn't have the heart to stop the cute zebra. Joey loved animals.

"Do I fu-" The rest of his sentence dissapeared into thin air.

"I'm going insane, aren't I?" Delectable Joey asked the air.

Far away, a voice chuckled manically.

"I know what this is..." He continued as Davy and Beary began skipping in a ring around him, whining an annoying little tune that seemed to be growing in a painful crescendo.

" love doing this to your characters don't you? You think torture is funny? WELL YOU WON'T FIND ME GETTING ANNOYE-"

Something began to happen to his words.

"d. I'm gEnerally qUitE caLM.......WaIt A motHer frEAKin SeCoND..."

Another evil chuckle.

Ickle Joey decided he had had enough.


                            *                                *                                   *


Davy turned round in alarm.

"Pardon?!" He exclaimed. Joe span round wildly, looking for anything he recognised.

"Davy? Oh thank god, i'm back!" Joe said, releived.

"Back? You didn't go anywhere. Well, we came here at least." Davy indicated the computer.

"Oh. I just had this really weird dream about this crappish author, and everything was so wrong...It must just have been a dream after all...." Joey panted.

"There there." Davy patted him on the back to comfort him. Both of them looked round at the bright computer screen.

"Let's take a look now, shall we?" He continued.

                            *                              *                                      *

Somewhere in the back of the darkened room, a malicious voice echoed, chuckling. (Or maybe it wasn't actually there, but it was the echo of a memory that once was.....)   :D

The End

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