Jack, Be Nimble

Tap tap.

He curves around quickly, caught and cornered by another character.

"Who are you?" Joes asks, a healthy hint of fear in his voice. After all, every time a new character has shown up...

"Jack," he surrenders simply. "Here to help."

Joe's jaw drops daintily. "The Alliterator? I remember you - you tried to kill me off, you nonce! And enough with the word 'daintily,' or you'll be for it, me old china."

"Whatever you wish," he alliterates back.

Joe sighs, a heavy heave of his body. "Now, about that help...?"

"My intention in this insertion is to narrate you a new and noble story, starting with scenes and settings."

"I need a title, you idiot," Joe rasps between tightened teeth.

Jack ignores him.

The rising sun soars in the sky, an ember emerging from ashes. Its fiery fingers fawn over the tops of tall towers, a serene city slipping from sleep. 

"What the hell are you doing?" Joe bluntly blurts.

"Shut it, eejit. I'm narrating," Jack says slowly, still intent on setting the scene.

A brisk breeze blows by, cold and condescending. A few folks follow the perfect paths of the pavement, shrouded in suits and scarves. A single solitary soul, though, ambles along alone. Hands and hopes held perfectly in his pockets, he wanders his way into a small store, a single shop.

"Joe, is that you?" comes a call from the corner. "It's been so long!"

No, it can't be, Joe thinks to himself. He can't be here, I left him in that other story!

"It is you! Why did you run off like that?" the man manages to mouth between bouts of ebullience.

"Run... off?" Joe asks, jarred. 

Standing stunned, the man says, "Yes. That day we went out together. Y'know, at the cabin in the forest? By the oak tree."

"Do you really have to bring in the oak tree, Jack?" Joe mentally moans. "As long as that Beary character doesn't come along for the ride..."

 "You took off in the morning, left a note saying you'd gone off on an adventure. Something about 'finding your true self' and all that nonsense."

Did I really? Has this all been a dream? Joe wonders, worriedly.

Davy simply smiles, unsure of the uneasiness that Joe is exuding, but happy to have him back.

"Jack, you brought us back together?"

"Joe, who are you talking to?"

"Jack. He narrated us back together, Davy."

"There's no-one else here, Joe. It's just us."

"But I swear... this has been such a roller-coaster."

"Tell me about it, Joe. Start at the beginning, alright?"

The End

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