The Power Of Authority

Joe sat in the rain which seemed to go on forever but there was no such thing as forever, at least not in stories.  It has to end somewhere.  The thunder came and there still no luck of an ending.  It lit up the forest for a second and then came nature's growl. Joe was angry too.  Angry that he was stuck in a storm forever.  "It's called pathetic fallacy" he stated to himself "Is it called pathetic fallacy because it's a pathetic language device?"

The seagull resting on his shoulder poked him on the neck. He hadn't said a thing for a long while.

"Sorry..." muttered Joe to the bird. He glanced around for Davy who was still approaching him, far away in a distant hill.  Joe waited for him.

The rain became more threatening and it turned to hailstones.  The hail became harsher and turned to larger icy rocks the size of footballs, hitting Joe on the head.

"Ouch!" cried Joe "STOP IT YOU SADISTIC-"

The icy rocks turned to giant icy letters the size of his palm.

"Letters?!" Joe asked in confusion.

There was a Z there, a B there, an X in the distance...

Joe witnessed the trees disappearing and Davy too!  His silhouette turned bright white (yes that rhymes) and vanished into the void.  He's probably been scrunched up in a writer's dustbin where other paper flowers decay in their own isolated paradise.

He was surrounded by nothingness except for the red sandy ground below his feet and the seagull who remained silent.  The hail suddenly stopped.  The letters melted to the ground but the ground remained dry.

"What's HAPPENING?" Joe cried desperately "Where is the end? Give me a clue at least...Oh bugger!"

An icy letter fell fom the sky knocking on Joe's head.


"I, what!! I think therefore I am? COME ON."


"In" he said confused "In-"


"Inc. um...Incorporated? Ink?"










"Incesticide..." he muttered "Who or what is that?"

"You should not talk to yourself

It's not good for your health."

He glanced at the seagull but it wasn't the bird's voice.  It flew off his shoulder towards the sky and vanished into the clouds.  He turned to face his author looking at him straight into the eyes.  Incesticide. She held a pile of books in her hands.

"What are you doing in my world?" I asked

"Oh...I was bored so I thought I'd come and help you."

"Why did you change it to first person?"

"Jus' coz." She said shrugging

"Wow you're gonna be a great writer one day!" I stated sarcastically.

"Yeah whatever, let's get on with it." She replied tossing her books on the ground.  I sat on the sandy floor with her,"Now you must choose one of those novels to go into...I brought a blank journal too-"

"For what?"

"So you can go in that if you want to make up your own story as you go along..."

"Yeah, that's what I want!"

"Okay" She was obviously dissappointed "Will you be alright all by yourself?"

" can write something if I get lost right?"

"ummm, ok"

She placed her hand on the cover of the book, it lit up and expanded, four time the size of my body.  I helped her to open the book cover.  She stepped on the page, my platform and I did the same.  There were no words, sentences, dialogues, page number and chapters! We stood on the first blank page.

"I didn't know writers had special powers..."

"We do! It's called the power of authority." she said grinning, "So, are you ready?"

"Yes..." I replied nervously

As soon as I muttered yes the pages acted as quicksand, swallowing me into it's brand new empty world. Before it swallowed me completely I remembered Davy.

"HEY WHERE'S DAVY?" I screamed

"Uhhh I'm not sure."



The End

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