And the Lights Go On...

Bright light. Oncoming car? A paramedic's flashlight? The light at the end of the tunnel?

Nope. A spotlight. A circle of golden light that brought with it heat. It was one thing they so rarely mentioned when they spoke of...

"Hey! Over here. Me, the one on the floor. One of your protagonists!" came the cry of a guy who so obviously had delusions about his own importance.

"Bloody hell. You're no better than all the rest of those wankers. And where's Davy?" The surprised and dismayed question was, unfortunately for Joe, followed by a look around at what little was illuminated by the spotlight in the dark. Joe discovered himself still wearing the adorable pair of panties - pink, lace along the edges, with a little white bow on the front - and realized that perhaps continuity was not all it was cracked up to be.

"You got that right. Now how about explaining what happened? Where am I? Why is it dark? Did I actually die this time?" The barrage of questions rose in volume even as it rose in excitement. Dead. He might just be dead. If he was dead then that meant... oh dear.

Joe's eyes widened as he heard a distinctive sound, although how he knew it he was unsure. It was the click of chessmen on a board; soft sounds of marble moving against marble, and there was a cackle of victory, followed shortly by the sound of a pawn rolling across the flooring. As it came to a stop in front of him Joe lifted it in his hand, cupping it gently.

Right before he tossed it right back into the darkness. "A pawn? Now we both know I am far more important than some bloody pawn. Without me you don't have-" and the light dimmed over Joe as the light came on slowly over another scene, showing Davy leaning against the inside of his door, tears falling relentlessly down his cheeks.

"I had to, Joe, don't you see? It would never have worked between us. You just don't care enough about my needs. You hardly ever compliment me on my flowing blond lockes anymore. I do it all for you and you just never seem to notice. See? I wrote about it in my diary. Right here!" He lifted his hands to display an open diary, actually a relatively masculine journal - but who was keeping track of that? - and stabbed a finger at the middle of the lefthand page. "I got highlights, and did you notice? Did you ever once say, 'That looks nice, Davy, did you get your hair done?' No. You didn't even notice. It's like you've forgotten everything we've been to one another."

"Now wait just a minute," the voice rose out of the darkness as a figure slowly became aparent at the edge of the light spilling from the visible scene. The pink panties stood out easily against lightly tanned skin and a dusting of hair. His hands suddenly moved to cover his groin in a vain attempt to retain some modesty or dignity.

"Fat chance of that with you lot busting in on two mates out in the scary woods about to have a good adventure. But no. You bunch of wankers come in here and louse it all up."

Davy's head lifted, his eyes searching as he suddenly turned, looking at the door with surprise and hope on his face. "Joe? Is that you? If you just apologize and admit to what you've done wrong, if you just try a little harder, I would take you back." Tears shimmered in his eyes and his cheeks flushed with the hope that burned in him.

"I give up," whined Joe as he curled up in the darkness, doing his best to cover the panties on the off chance that there was anyone to see him. Of course there was, a fact he knew all too well. "Fine. Do what you want with this story. Make it as ridiculous as you can. See if I care. I'll just-"

The blare of an oncoming train suddenly drowned out the frustrated and demoralized Joe, a new light spreading in the darkness, overwhelming the view of Davy or any hint of Joe in the darkness.

The End

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