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“David, thank heavens you’re finally here! This mess has gotten out of hand!” The man said, wiping his brow thoroughly yet again.

“Reporting in, sir. What seems to be the issue?” David questioned, saluting the sweaty man.

“Your mission. It’s very dangerous, and the higher ups are saying you might die. I don’t wish for your death, David.”

“And what manner of mission is this? Order me to go, and the thing’ll be dead by morning.”

“David, dear David, this is something only heard of in stories. It’s… well it’s a chimera.”

David’s eyes widened. He had thought that chimeras didn’t actually exist. No, they couldn’t exist. It was impossible. Impossible. And he said it was so.

“...Impossible,” David said, bringing his eyes’ gaze to the worn floorboards.

“It’s understandable that you don’t believe it, but this is a very real threat. 2 Slayer casualties and hundreds of civilian casualties have been reported. You’re very skilled. You must go,” Weiss said, with a stern look.

“Right…” David righted his gaze, “I shall do it. Where is this Chimera?”

“It’s in the country of Wazar, the town of Gulg. Your boat has been prepared for an hour’s time from now.”

David nodded, and walked up to his superior, shook his hand, saluted, and promptly left the room.

David stretched his purposeful gait throughout the windowed halls, and a light breeze blew his hair and coat lightly. His boots made a cacophony of noise on the cold, stone floor, and echoed off of the high ceilings.



The End

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