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David’s destination laid at the near edge of the town, in a large fortress that seemed to tower over Isabelle. It was none other than the Slayer’s Headquarters, which imposed a feeling of daunt upon all who looked upon it. He walked to the entrance of the gargantuan castle, which was surrounded by a moat.

David then nodded to the dark openings above the drawbridge, and saluted. This salute displayed his rank and the fact that he was indeed a Slayer. He raised his open palm to his forehead, and then pushed the palm forward and made the value of three with his other hand, putting it in front of his open palm. This particular variation confirmed that he was a third rank slayer, whose emblem was an open palmed hand with the roman numeral of three in the center.

The drawbridge then began to descend, making a clicking noise as the chains were released from their coils. It reached the ground with a crashing sound, and welcomed David to the institute which had given him his job, and assigned his guardian. Essentially, David owed a debt that he could pay only by being the best. He looked forward, his eyes flashing to the guards by the gate, and began to step forth.

David walked through the fortress, and his slightly loud footsteps echoed through the halls, as a lot of the slayers were in bed right now. He knew his destination, as well as the way. The “Mission Room” was where he was headed, although it had previously been a knight battlement chamber. Past staircases and entrances to battlements, the barracks that served as the mission debriefing room laid, waiting patiently on David.

When he arrived to the Mission Room, David glanced around at the scene, as he did every time he walked into a room. There were flags for their country, the Slayers, and their own personal HQ plastered on the walls. Chairs were aligned in the center of the room, facing a large drawing board. A man was standing in front of it, making a grim expression toward David and dabbing his sweaty brow with a handkerchief.


The End

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