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David woke at sunrise, as he rarely did for missions. Most of the them were during the night, as creatures of the night usually dwelled at that time. But this mission was different, and he was called upon to do his job in the broad daylight. He rose up out of bed and reached for the curtains, and with one swift motion pulled them out of the way so that the warm and golden sunlight poured into his dwelling. David squinted his eyes against the rays, and sat upright on his bed toward his door. He began to get ready for the mission ahead. He slid on his breeches, tied his boots, and buttoned his shirt. Next, he strapped his stakes, holy water, crucifix, hammer, swords, and mini-crossbow to himself, assuring that each piece of equipment was securely fastened with belts and straps and buttons.

David then stepped out of his room and found his slayer’s coat hanging by the front door. He donned it and turned the handle of the door once more, this time to leave.

He trekked across the yard of his home, crunching the frosted blades of grass under his heavy foot, until he reached the path that lead into town, where the Slayer Headquarters was located, so he could take his next mission assignment. They had only told him, with grim looks, to come in during the morning. David thought it odd, but he was never one to question orders, he was one to get them done.


The End

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