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Yawning, he stepped up the stairs and then proceeded to his room, giving a hand motion to Serina so as to say, Goodnight. He prepared for bed, undressing and pulling the blankets back. It was then he heard it. A noise, like someone breathing very softly. David furled his brow and tensed his body, preparing to counterattack if the something in his room made a sudden attempt to rob his life, grabbing his knife carefully that he still had strapped to his leg. He felt a tender touch around his abdomen and wheeled around, knife in hand. Two red eyes that seemed to glow with the moonlight stared back at him. Loosening his body and putting down the knife, he knew exactly who it was.

“Amelia,” He said, raising his arms so as to not touch her while she hugged him cutely.

She ended the hug and said, “Well if it isn’t my handsome husband~!”

David glanced behind him. “There’s no other people here, who are you talking to?”

“Hmmmmm~ Still won’t admit it, will you? That we’re~ mare~ eed~”

“There was no wedding, and I don’t think I’ll be marrying an actual vampire, thank you very much; now, why are you here, exactly?”

“I just wanted to see you, of course! Oh, and give you advice on that oh so dangerous mission tomorrow.”

“First Zero, and now you. What’s the big deal about this mission?”

“Oh, how cute! My hubby doesn’t know! Hmm, to tell, or not to tell…

“Just tell me, Amelia.”

“Well, I don’t know the specifics, buuuut~ I hear that this monster is particularly nasty, and is a species of monster not seen before ever ever ever! How dangerously exciting!”

“Something undiscovered? Strange…”

“That’s right, and there was something about there being a surefire way to kill it… something about gold or something… not sure…”

“Gold, huh? There’s not much out there that’s weak to gold, so I’ll take that advice with a grain of salt. Was there anything else, Amelia? I’d like to sleep.”

“Take of it what you will, darling~ But no no, that’s all from me~!”

David felt a light kiss on his cheek as he sensed that her presence had left him. He glanced to his bedding and shrugged off Amelia’s appearance. He had to focus on getting rest for the mission tomorrow.


The End

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