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His guardian was a bit of an enigma to David, as she didn’t like to reveal things about herself except that she was once a Slayer and she had been entrusted David after the incident that happened when he was 4. Other than those things, David knew little about her personal life. He knew her name was Serina. He didn’t know why she left for walks that took days. He didn’t know what rank of Slayer she was. He didn’t know why she wanted so badly for him to be impossibly strong. Her motives were a mystery. But, as any good parent or guardian, she raised him with a firm yet tender hand, embellishing him with both a mother’s warm embrace and a teacher’s discipline.

The room looked to be in a shape that was worse for wear. Stakes, knives, swords, and spilt water that may or not have been blessed were scattered about. Serina stood in the midst of the pig sty, and gave David a slight smile.

“Glad to see you back home, my son. As you can see, this room has seen better days, and do you know whose job it is to bring it back to its old glory?”

*sigh* That would be my job, I presume, Mother?”

“Good boy,” Serina gave a cheshire grin and began to ascend the stairs, but not before giving David a reassuring squeeze on his shoulder.

David began to pick up the equipment that had been barbarically tossed about, and let his mind wander. What did Zero mean, anyway? he thought, frowning. It’s not like my mission could be that dangerous, I’ve probably been on worse, after all. While these thoughts echoed through David’s mind, he finished cleaning before he knew he was done.


The End

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