Chapter Three


The drive to Jesse's house the next morning had been a rather pleasant one. Jazz from the radio created a calm, quiet atmosphere that David very much enjoyed. It also helped distract him from the thoughts about her. And he needed that.

Every thought about her that entered his mind was like a peg driving through his brain. It brought no healing, only pain. They say that screaming into a pillow can relieve sadness and stress, but it had never worked for David. Everytime he tried, the screaming only got louder and louder, and it would turn into a destructive rampage. It would almost always leave his living room in shambles. So David just bottled up the emotions. 

Every emotion.

David pulled his car into Jesse's driveway. He didn't look at the house as he parked. He still didn't look at the house as he exited the car. And still, he did not look as he came to the front door. He didn't know why, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't bring himself to look at it. He knew it was beautiful. He knew it was huge. He knew that it was very nice compared to his own home. But he didn't envy his brother. So why wouldn't he look at it?

Bad memories?

David didn't know. But he didn't dwell on it long. He knocked on the door. Instead of waiting, he put his hand on the handle and turned it. Pushing the door open, he entered the house.

"I'm here!" he called loudly. His eyes didn't stray from the hallway as he followed the path to the living room.

He collapsed into a white couch and sat there for about five seconds before yelling again. "Jesse! Get down here!"

Still, no reply.

David's impatience grew. He felt very impatient that day. Maybe it was because he felt as though every moment he wasn't active, his mind would wander.

David fidgeted impatiently, twidling his thumbs. 

Finally, Jesse's voice said, "Sorry! I was changing."

David shifted in his seat. Jesse descended down a spiral staircase quickly, a smile sitting plainly on his face. He walked towards David and threw out his arms. "A hug for your bro?"

David said nothing, nor did he move.

Jesse's smile weakened. "Alright then." He sat down opposite David and relaxed. "So what have you been up to, Dave? I haven't heard from you much lately."

David cleared his throat. "I didn't come here to chit-chat, Jesse. I thought I was coming here so you could explain what you want me to do."

Jesse's smile disappeared all together. David knew how sad it made Jesse that they were no longer close. Not that they were that close before---but they had been closer when they were young. Jesse frowned slightly.

"Okay then," he said, his stare not in any particular direction.

David looked over Jesse's shoulder into the kitchen. "Glass of water?"

Jesse looked at him. "Yeah, sure."

David started to stand, but Jesse got up faster. "I got it, I got it," Jesse said as he shuffled uncomfortably into the kitchen.

David blinked. As Jesse got out a cup, David said, "So tell me about this gang."

Jesse froze for a split-second. "Dave," he said slowly. "I could have asked anyone to do this. I hired you because you're my brother, and I wanted to see you again---"

"You tried to trick me into playing your little game. I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing it for selfish reasons."

Jesse's mouth opened slightly. "Fair enough," he said, returning to his previous task. He poured some water into a glass cup. "Now about the gang," he began as he turned and handed the cup of water to David. "They call themselves the LA Street Ninjas."

"Any idea why?" David asked, right before taking a sip of water.

"Yeah," Jesse said as he sat down. "All of them can do insane acrobatic stuff, like back-flips, front-flips, the whole enchilada. These guys are seriously talented at what they do, but they aren't performers. They're criminals. They've committed a lot of crimes over the past few months. Including murder, and rape."

David frowned and leaned forward. "If these guys are so bad, why don't you just---I don't know---arrest them?"

Jesse smiled. "Ahh...sarcasm. You haven't changed much, have you Dave?"

David didn't respond.

Jesse swallowed his smile. "For one thing, we don't actually have proof that these guys are criminals. The only real evidence we have is: these guys are known for hanging around the southern area of LA, and ever since they showed up there have been a tremendous amount of crimes all over that area. For another thing, we want to catch them when they're about to do something really bad. You know, catch them in the act? We want to be able to throw 'em in jail and keep them there. The way to do that is figure out when and where they're going to do something stupid, and cuff 'em then. Kapeesh?"

David almost smiled. Jesse was such an intense talker. Every word that came out of his mouth was told with such enthusiasm. David liked it in a way, and hated it in another. "Yeah, I get it," David said. "What else do you know?"

Jesse blinked. "They're planning to rob a bank," he finally said. 

"You know this, how?"

"Informant. He was how we knew about all of the crimes they were committing."

"Why didn't you mention him earlier, and why are you talking about him in the past-tense?"

"Stroke a few weeks ago."

David frowned. "I don't understand."

"We were going to nail them, Dave. We were going to take them to court and use the informant as an eye witness. You have no idea how perfect everything was set up. But---then..."

"So now you have nothing."

"Zip, nadda."

"So you want me to be your new informant?"

Jesse looked David in the eye. "Not exactly," he said slowly.

"Then what, exactly?"

"I need you to run some 'errands' for me."

David raised an eyebrow.

Jesse coughed. "I just need you to be at my disposal whenever I need you. Can you do that?"

David glowered. "It's possible. What kind of errands?"

"I'll tell you when I need them done."

David pondered over this for a few seconds. "I'm only going to do jobs related to this gang, right?"


"Alright then," David said with a sigh.

"Does that mean you'll do it?"

David didn't reply.

Jesse sat back in his chair. "Dave, what's going on with you?"

"Nothing," David snapped.

Jesse frowned. "There has to be something going on---"

"I said nothing," David barked.

Jesse stared at him. "David, I'm your brother. You can talk to me about anything."

David shifted his gaze to the ground. "I'll run your errands, Jesse, but I'm not going to have a therapy session."

"You have to talk to somebody."

David looked at him. "I can't, Jesse."

"And why not?"

David looked away from him. He pushed himself to his feet and said, "Because I'm not strong enough."

The End

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