First victim

As Dave wandered down the downtown alleyways of New York his
snakes hissed and snapped the way to his next victim. He could feel the
succulent flesh and blood of his victim running through his veins as he got
closer. He stopped; he could just hear a blood chilling cry in the distance he
ran closer and closer grabbing his bronze tipped spear and his poisoned knife
on the way. He burst into the house were the cry had come from and without
thinking his snakes lead him forward to the victim and he started stabbing it.
After this whole episode was over he looked at his victim more closely. It was
a young girl only 4 or 5 holding a blood soaked teddy bear. There was a small
Bunny rabbit standing next to he her. Dave was feeling quite peckish so he had
a little nibble of the girl. He thought about trying the rabbit but he thought
it might be a good companion.  

The End

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