Daughter of the King

When her friends abandon her as a joke, the last thing Aurora expects is to be sucked into a new world!


The wind played with my bedraggled hair as I continued walking , as I had been for hours on end. Tears stained my face, partly from emotion, partly from the cold wind. My body was dirty and red from the elements and my clothes snagged on thorn bushes. My face was stinging and numb, and my lips chapped so much they bled. How could they do this to me? How could they - my 'friends' - abandon me in the middle of a forest? True, they never knew about me being emotionally weak, but they must have had some idea!

I walked on, pausing only to tug on my hair when it was caught in an overhanging tree. In that pause, I noticed something, even in the distraught state that I was. A change in the air. It was almost like there was another presence in the forest. I dismissed it as paranioa. I came across a small, but swiftly running stream and almost immediately decided what to do. Without any hesitation, I sat down and removed my shoes and socks,leaving them where they were. Standing back up, I waded through, scraping and cutting my soft, bare feet until I got to the other side.

I stopped, wary and alert. There was definitely a different atmosphere here. definitely a new presence. For the first time, I was unsure of myself. Was it real, this 'other presence', or simply a result of my breakdown?

The End

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