Daughter of Power

Don't really know where I am going with this yet... Just looking for feedback and if I should continue writing this.

The smell of death and hopelessness hung in the air, piles of malformed bodies lay askew on the hillside ahead of the five shadows on the battlefield. There were limbs scattered over the surrounding fields. The only thing left of this once lush forest was charred and smoldering stumps and skeletons of ancient trees still trying to grasp the sky. Nothing more could be done, they lost, everything had been destroyed and no one knew the truth about what happened here; except these five women. But it wasn’t over; hands clasped they started to chant. And promptly a streak of haze burst from their bodies to create a whirlwind in the center of their circle. It grew stronger as the women grew weaker. One by one, each woman fell to the ground. And as the last woman fell to her knees, the whirlwind grew smaller and rounder until it was nothing but a translucent sphere suspended amid the five motionless bodies. It hovered for a second, then flew quickly upwards and disappeared into the burning sky.

 Avariella looked at the hills around her, all with blood streaked grass. Then at the five women who lay only a few feet away. A woman with fiery red hair had fallen with her head facing her direction. The woman’s face was blank, eyes blurred, her skin no longer the lively tan it was a few seconds ago. As she got a few steps closer she could see the scar below her right eye and the tears that were starting to dry on her face.

 Avariella started to cry then.

 As her vision started to blur with tears the dream faded away. Everything went black. And as her eyes opened she looked at the familiar room around her; everything was exactly as it had been when she went to sleep. She looked over at the clock; it read 3:13 A.M. Too early to get up. But she couldn’t stop shaking and her mind was racing, repeating the dream, remembering those faces as they fell to the ground and watching the life leave these women. It was so real; she just couldn’t shake her sadness.

 She got up and tried walking around her room. She could see the light of the moon shining through her curtains. Pulling back the corner she watched the clouds roll across the sky blotting out the pearl white face from time to time. Avariella loved the moon, she loved watching it wane and wax through the month. It was her source of comfort because no matter where you went it was there. She focused on the moon a little longer before she let the curtain fall back into place and went back to bed.

The End

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