But the end never came. The woman uttered a startled cry and fell forward on top of the first dead woman. My heart had been pounding so loudly, I hadn't heard the policeman fire his gun.

It wasn't the first time something strange had happened at Groveland High. There was the time a reanimated army of science lab frogs sought revenge on Mr. Kline. But that was because of a weird solar phenomena that caused high levels of static electricity.

Yeah, I don't believe that either.

I stood frozen in front of the bodies, unable to be moved by faculty nor peers until they carried them away on stretchers. Something silver glinted beneath the blankets they draped on the blonde woman, but I took no notice of it at the time.

Elise, come on hun.

A gentle, familiar hand rested on my shoulder. I looked back to see Marcus, my sorta-kinda-but-not-really boyfriend. His eyes were green like the first touch of spring, hidden by a curtain of black bangs.

I smiled, then shuddered, remembering there was still a puddle of blood at my feet. It was seeping between my bare toes, staining my flip flops no doubt. I finally moved from my frozen position and found myself in Marcus' arms, tears streaming down my face, moistening his tee shirt as I buried my face against his bony frame.

He held me close and whispered in my ear that everything would be alright. It took me a moment to realize he was actually softly singing "Everything Will Be Alright" by The Killers.

My heart did a little dance - why? I don't know...

Love is confusing, I decided.

The End

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