I stared at the body lying at my feet. I had never seen a dead person before. Curiousity got the better of me and I knelt, examing her. I pushed the blonde hair back from the woman's face. Her blue eyes were focused on infinity, a faint smile on her lips as though she had died happy. There was something so familiar about her face.


I looked up to see the murderer. It was an older woman with black hair and dark brown eyes. Like the woman who lay dead, she wore a black outfit, skintight, and large black boots. There was a tattoo on her cheek, a series of several greek symbols, in blue ink. A quick glance at the dead woman told me she had the same.

When I looked up, I found the gun was now pointed at me. Bile rose in the back of my throat with the realization that I was the next to die.The barrel of the gun was a black gaping maw, trembling in the hands of the raven-haired woman.

This ends now

The End

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