Meeting Death

Jaggy's POV

The figure glides through the crowd as everyone near them takes a step back. They are in a long black cloak, like Keena when I first met her. This time the hood is pulled right over their head. I can't see their face.

'I am sorry.' The figure says. There's a long pause, and they continue. 'I am sorry for making you endure those tests with no prior explanation. However, they were necessary in making you able to survive your imminent lifestyle.'

If we could speak, there would be outcry at this point. But we can't so the silence remains.

'I am Death. My role in the universe is to find the fallen souls and collect them into wherever they will go on to, which is a mystery even to me. I can't do this alone which is why you are here, one thousand random human beings from vast range of times and worlds.

'There were five tests. The first measured your non visual skill, the second your physical strength, the third your speed, the fourth- perseverance, and the last, the mental strength to kill when necessary. All of you passed, like you had to, but at varying times, so I have had to manipulate time so that you are present here. That is all that is necessary for you know now. Goodbye.' Death turns backwards and vanishes, like Anika and Owen had before. 

We all get our voices back and it becomes clear with the instantaneous chatter of frustration and pure anger. I say nothing, and try to find Keena, or Mansion, or Oskar. I can't find them.

Maybe I never will.

The End

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