Too easy

I knew this would be way too easy.

The moment I approach the door and turn the handle, something bursts through.

I fall back, unable to see what the flash of darkness was. I hear a growl right by my ear, and some kind of breathing. I roll over the wall, pull myself up, and face whatever it is in here. 

A dog, of a breed I don't recognize, guards the doorway. I can't see behind it, the room is not lit, but I have no time to concentrate on it because the dog jumps up at me.  It has black or dark brown fur, and its teeth are too long and pointed to be the normal kind. This is something different, something designed to stop me escaping.

It runs for me, and attacks. Its paws have slashed a rip in my skirt, and have drawn blood just below my knee, I don't know how I'm meant to fight it. I push it away, but its teeth sink into my hand. It sends a wave of pain throughput my arm, and I try the shake it off but It just bites again. I kick it, and at last it lets go. I hate hurting it, but right know I have no choice, and I run to the door. 

I hope to get there before to dog, but it pounces on me. Then I see the knife on the corner whilst trying to fight it off. My stomach drops. Human or not, I'm not killing anything. 

I shove the dog away and jump out the door frame. I shut it on the dog's face. It can stay in there. 

The room very slowly lights up. It's not small, it's huge, and crowded. There are people there, all my age, and none of them look the same. 


I'm startled by the voice, as I didn't think anyone I knew was here. I turn around and there's Mansion. Instantly I'm relieved. 

'Did you have things too?' He says.

I nod. 'I think everyone here did. I had to shut the dog in there, I say pointing to where the dog was. It's gone. 'Oh. Where did the doors go?'

'I don't know any more than you do.' Mansion starts, and then his voice goes silent. At that moment, everybody is. I try myself, but it's like everything is muted.

Then we see the figure in the centre of the room.

The End

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