You can give up any time

You can give up any time

That's embossed on to the wall of this room. There is only a square of the floor which is just some thickly woven rope. Then next to it, is a very sharp and deadly knife, not to different form what I saw in my cupboard in the mountain house. It's easy to guess what this task is all about.

I begin sawing at the rope mesh. It's tougher than I thought. Ok, it will take a while for this to work. I put all my effort into cutting it away, but nothing happens. I try every square inch of it, but I barely make a scratch. I sit back, defeated, and my eyes go to the You can give up any time.

I'm stuck alone in a room with a potential weapon. I realise with chills what that means. It can be tempting, I suppose it would't take long-

No. I can't die, not now, not any time soon. That would be losing to whatever is putting me through this. I slam the knife into the rope and saw away.

This time I really try. I find the weakest spot, and saw as much I can manage. I still barely do anything, but slowly, ever so slowly, I get there. I cheer when I feel the knife completely break through the rope, but I know there must be more. It starts getting easier as I go on, but never would I call it easy.

An age later, I have made a large-ish slit in the mesh. I pull it apart to make some kind of hole. Maybe I can squeeze through. I stick my legs in, but my skirt is tangled. I wriggle and hold my breath and make my way though the tangle of rope. At the last minute I remember the knife- if there's more, it will be much needed.

My head is free from the mess, but my free hand clings to a strand. Luckily, it's a short drop to the ground so I let go and barely fall.

Room five- same, but this time, there's a door. 

Can I finally escape this?


The End

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