I'm still alive.

Except this time when I sit up, there's blood. Droplets on the floor, and I can feel it running down the side of my face. My shirt shoulder is slashed and there is a scratch but it's not deep. Inevitable, I suppose. It seems whoever is putting me through this enjoys suffering. 

I observe the new room, longer and narrower, but with the whole glass wall smashed, it's both of them now. This time, there is a mat on the floor which makes me less likely to slip. Right by me is a switch, and that's all I see.

Better try the switch first. It's heavy to move, but I still manage to pull it down easily. Instantly a hole appears on the other side of the room, and a rope ladder falls down.

This was easy.

Too easy.

I'm not halfway when the ceiling snaps the ladder and the hole seals. What is this? I doubt how this is even possible. 

Anyway, I have a brief amount of time to run the ladder and climb up. I try again, but I'm almost there before it's gone again. Several times more I try, several times more I fail. I wipe the blood from my forehead, get as close as I can to the ladder while being able to reach the button, and press it one more time.

I leap across the room, over shards of glass and ignoring my bleeding face. I grab the ladder just as it's going up, and I'm pulled with it into room four while the hole in the ceiling closes.

The End

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