The trapdoor has sealed shut. The six walls are ever glowing white.

I'll figure out what to do in a little while. I tie up my shoe and lift myself up. I'm a little bruised and one wrist aches, but I'm not particularly hurt. After all, the fall was only brief. However I'm just as trapped. 

Once I'm recovered, I examine the room for any change in the cold brightness of it. No, it's a perfect square and there's no switch or miniature buttons like last time. I'm stuck. I have figured this is some kind of puzzle, but this one is pretty challenging.

I take a long time thinking, when I think of it. I knock on each wall, and they nearly all have a very solid sound like the walls are very thick. There is one, less illuminated, which seems thinner. I press my face up to it, and I can almost see through to another room. It's just white glass.

I'll need to break it, but I don't have anything to do so with. I've already proved it can withstand a light knock. Once again I undo my shoe's lace and aim at the wall. The best I get is a little crack after repeatedly hitting at it with the shoe's heel at the same place.

If this is no use, what is?

A dangerous idea dawns. It's probably thin enough to shatter over a human's weight. That means I only have no choice. It's risky, extremely dangerous, but it's all I can do.

I retreat back to the opposite wall, and take a deep breath. I'll need to find some courage to do this. The only solution is to go.

I leap forward and dive into the glass wall. I feel it shattering and the intense pain.

The End

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