Oskar's POV

What's left of the day is spent full of further confusion, upset and downright terror. Jaggy hasn't spoken at all, Keena has been unusually angry and Mansion's actually crying. The animal sharers are surprisingly optimistic. 

Eventually they windows beam through a dimmer sky, and I wonder if it's an acceptable time to fall asleep, and forget.  I just feel like falling asleep for a whole week, I want to fast forward to a time when the shock is gone and I understand the new world.

I hope to nod off on the sofa I'm on, but I can't get my eyes to close. They are drawn to Jaggy,on the other side of the room, who, though silent, looks like he is yelling inside his head.

I approach him. 'What are you thinking about?'

It takes him a while to notice I'm there, but then he looks up. 'You know.'

'No I don't.'

His expression twitches, then he goes 'I think I understand.'

I don't need to ask what he's on about. 'Me too.'


'Yes. I don't know. No... I thought I did, I'm probably wrong, I'm sure I'm wrong...'

'You never know. Remember what the parrot said? We can forget logic, certainly.'

'Certainly.' I almost smile, and so does he.

I was about to continue when Mansion, approaching the stairs, stops and screams.

'What is it?' Keena snaps.

'Me...but the face was was...' 

I can still hear the same distorted wail from upstairs.

The End

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